Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz: I knew I was going to love 'Haywire' directed by Steven Soderbergh from the first scene.

A girl walks into a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere.  She sits down...blows on her hands to warm them. The waitress takes her order.

A few seconds later, a man comes in, sits down opposite her. They briefly chat...and then SUDDENLY...

Its wham...bam...pow-kick-punch....Translation...Girl and Guy get into a very, very exciting, take no prisoners, fight with each other.

And this is no ordinary movie fight...because the girl is Gina Carano, a mixed martial arts champion who uses a combination of Muay, Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, boxing, Sambo, kickboxing, and Kung Fu to take down her opponents.

That's right...this lady can kick butt.

In her first acting role, Gina plays Mallory Kane, a highly trained operative working for a government security contractor in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.  And at the moment, Miss Kane is in a lot of trouble.

After wiping out the floor with the guy...who we find out is her former partner, Aaron (Channing Tatum), Mallory knows she needs to get out of town, fast.  So what's a girl to do?

Ask some random guy for a lift of course.  The guy, Scott (Michael Angarano) is only too happy to help.  I think he got slightly turned on by Mallory's extraordinary moves.  I mean who wouldn't?   She's hot!

Anyway Mallory and Scott start to head out of town muy rapido...Unfortunately, they run into several road blocks. Luckily our spy's driving skills are equal to her fighting skills.  Mallory easily evades all the people trying to kill her and at the same time, manages to tell Scott a little story.

Through a series of flashbacks, we find out that Mallory's last assignment was in Barcelona, where she freed a Chinese Journalist that was being held hostage.  She discovers that the man has been murdered and all the evidence points to her as the main suspect. Isn't that always the case?  

Now Mallory has to not only evade local S.W.A.T. teams that her boss, Ewan McGregor has sent after her, but find out who's double-crossed her and why.

This takes Mallory on a journey across the globe from Washington D.C. to Barcelona, Dublin and back to the United States with a stop in upstate New York and finally, the mountains of New Mexico.

'Haywire' is filled with great twists and turns. It's exciting and sexy... Very sexy actually... Thanks to this actor named Michael Fassbender. (You might recognize him from the hundreds of films he did this past year).  Okay…. I exaggerate. But one thing I'm not exaggerating about is this guy breathes sexy and the scenes between him and Mallory are definitely some of my favorite.  

Rounding out the excellent cast is Antonio Banderos, Michael Douglas, Mathieu Kassovitz and Bill Paxton as Gina's father.

Of course, John and I have begun the New Year, the same way we ended it... Disagreeing... Check out our video to see how many bagels, we gave 'Haywire'.

'Haywire' written by Lem Dobbs (Kafka, The Limey) opens in theatres this Friday, January 20, 2012.