"Stone" is the story of a seasoned corrections officer, Robert DeNiro and a volatile inmate, Edward Norton, who find their lives dangerously intertwined. The film skillfully weaves together the parallel journeys of these two men grappling with their dark impulses and inner beliefs.  Watching these two actors work together is definitely worth the price of admission. Rounding out the cast is the always excellent Francis Conroy, DeNiro's long suffering wife and Milla Jovovich, giving a very raw, solid performance as Norton's seductive and slightly wacko spouse.   Set against the stifling brutality of a maximum security prison in economically ravaged Detroit, "Stone" directed by John Curran and written by Angus Maclachlan, is a tale of passion, betrayal and corruption.  It will stay with the viewer for a long time after the final credits come on the screen. At least that's what one of 'The Two Jews' think. "Stone" opens this Friday, October 8, 2010.