This week on Two and a Half Men: Well, it seems we’re not done with Zoe, the gorgeous British woman who wisely told Walden that he’s not yet ready to date other women. She sensed that he’s still mourning his ex-wife Bridget. With a child of her own, she won’t let Walden into her life.

But wisdom comes with age and maturity, neither of which burden Walden. So this week, he tries again to capture Zoe’s heart. At a coffee shop, Walden narrowly prevents a chair-jacking when Zoe is late, having had a meeting about a kindergarten she’d like her five year old daughter to attend.

Walden’s big plan to show Zoe that he’s over Bridget is to have her witness his signing of his final divorce papers. Apparently that does work, as we next find the duo on the beach house balcony gazing out at the sunset. Walden tries on a terrible British accent, and wins a few kisses from Zoe. She’s busy with her daughter, but agrees to have dinner with him on Saturday. He offers to take her to Mexico for the evening in his private plan.

When Zoe agrees to the date, Walden begins to press for more dates, including spending Christmas together, in Fiji, the Alps and Malibu. She cools him off, saying that he’s clearly on the rebound, so he shouldn’t be making Christmas plans yet.  

Inside, Alan and Jake are watching TV together, having a ‘déjà vu’ moment; once again, the good looking owner of the house is out on the deck swapping spit with a good looking woman. Walden breezes inside, still high on his encounter with Zoe, and tells Alan that he thinks it could get serious. Alan notes that Walden is moving pretty quick, and agrees that Walden is on the rebound from his 15 year marriage. He is shocked to hear that Walden’s told Zoe he’s ready to fall in love again. But Walden wants to be in a relationship, with romance, intimacy and commitment.

On the private plane, Zoe and Walden, sporting huge sombreros, sip Margueritas en route to Guadalajara. She thinks it’s a huge extravagance, and reminds him that she’s not ready to sleep with him yet. It’s clear, however, that she’s very attracted to him.

He then hands her a box containing a diamond necklace. She can’t accept it, saying, ‘it’s crazy.’ He asks, "What about getting a diamond necklace for a girl you haven't slept with yet while flying to Mexico in a private jet is crazy?” Well, when you put it that way…

Zoe, however, leaps into Walden’s lap when she hears that he managed to get her daughter into Bellwood, the ritzy kindergarten she wanted her daughter to attend. As the pilot informs them that they’re about to arrive at Guadalajara, Zoe tells the pilot that Walden is about to descend into London instead. Hello, Heathrow!

Well, things never go that smoothly, in real life or in sitcoms. The next morning, over breakfast, Walden tells Alan and Jake that things went great, and he thinks he’s falling in love. Cue the doorbell – it’s Bridget. She can’t sign the divorce papers; she loves him and wants him back. She’s dumped her rebound dreamboat, Dr. Alex. Walden makes a case for rebound relationships working out, but Bridget pulls him upstairs for sex.

In the bedroom, Bridget aggressively strips Walden, vowing her love, and saying that his immaturity is just part of his charm. Making a lame excuse, he breaks free and races downstairs to get advice from Alan and Jake about this turn of events.

He tells Alan that, although he’s dreamed of reconciling with Bridget for months, he’s not so sure now that he’s met Zoe. Alan advises Walden to listen to his heart. Walden says his heart tells him that Bridget is the past, and Zoe is the future. Walden knows that going with Zoe will lose him half his fortune, but when Alan hears that he’ll be homeless if Walden opts to return to Bridget, Alan tells Walden to stay with Zoe.

Bridget sexily lounges in a negligee in Walden’s bed. Walden tells her that it wouldn’t be right to sleep with her, because he’s met someone who might be his next ‘real deal.’ He’s sorry, but he’d like her to sign the divorce papers.

Furious, Bridget runs from the house. Walden follows her, trying to calm her down, as she tells him to ‘drop dead!’ Inside, Alan and Jake comment they’ve seen this scene before, and wonder if the house is haunted, like built on an angry woman burial ground. “Sometimes at night, if I’m really quiet, I think I can hear them bitching.”

How angry is Bridget? Well, we next see her driving her car through the wall and into the living room with a crazed look on her face. I guess she’s a little angry.

As Walden tells Zoe bad jokes while dining in the kitchen, we see Bridget lurking on the balcony, spying. A little voice says “Did he break your heart?” It’s Rose! She asks Bridget if she wants Walden back, or to make him suffer, then mentions that they are often the same thing. Rose tells Bridget to come with her, and she’ll teach her. They both leap off the balcony and disappear into the night.

My take: well, it was going great until the last scene. Walden finally seemed like the main character, leaving Alan and Jake in the background as commentators. But with Rose’s reappearance, it was as though the writers still can’t let go of Charlie – or his ghost. Still, the episode, overall, was head and shoulders over any other episode this season, so kudos to them!

What did you think? Feel free to comment, below. Until next week!