The merriment continues with part two of the season’s premiere of Two and a Half Men.  Now firmly ensconced in Charlie’s place, Walden continues to charm any woman in his vicinity, including Berta, who has developed an unnatural lust for the boy. The depth of Walden’s naiveté/stupidity is being revealed as he grapples with the bare necessities in life. Unable to cope even with his personal hygiene needs, he’s on the phone non-stop with ex-wife, Bridget, who is understandably annoyed at the constant requests.

It really begs the question: just how charming is a grown man who uses baby shampoo, and is overjoyed to discover that his door has a peephole? At what point does maternal instinct turn into dread that this baby will never, ever be a man? When does a kitten become a cat, or a puppy a dog?

And, since even teen Jackie eventually tired of immature teen Kelso, does a guy this adorable – but clueless – really get to keep the girls he effortlessly attracts? Walden is a ‘himbo.’ He’s the male equivalent of the babe that all the guys want to sleep with, and then never see again.

Anyway, in this episode, Alan reluctantly leaves for his new home with his mother. Walden has hired Berta as his housekeeper, with a big raise. Strangely, son Jake is only seen for about a minute, after Alan leaves. And no plans seem to have been made for where Jake will be living. Apparently the ‘half man’ won’t be playing a large part in this season.

Alan soon realizes that his mother is not expecting to host him for long. She’s got a date that evening, with a stranger who’s into rough sex, and hopes Alan will stay in his room.  On the pretext of returning some books Alan has left behind, the lonely Walden talks Alan into going for a drink, which actually turns out to be a high speed expedition to the home he used to share with wife Bridget.

The gated estate is locked and fenced. Although Bridget does not want to see Walden, he decides to scale the fence with Alan’s help, and predictably, they are zapped when Bridget turns on the electricity. Contrite, she invites them in for a glass of water and a time out until their ears stop ringing. Walden begs for another chance – or at least a game of Donkey Kong with his friend – but she firmly asks them to leave.

Terrified passenger Alan begs Walden to slow down the car by saying they should stop at the liquor store and buy supplies. Next morning, Alan awakes cuddled on Walden’s chest, both of them naked after skinny dipping, surrounded by empty bottles, and watched over by Berta, who apparently acted as life guard while they swam.

Inside the house, they are surprised by Penelope, an old flame of Charlie’s, who’s devastated to hear about Charlie’s demise, but cheers up immediately when confronted by Walden in a towel. Bridget arrives, and Alan hustles Penelope away.  With the possibility of reconciliation, Walden makes an effort to appear more mature. "I'm going to say goodbye to my guest...because that's the grown up thing to do!" he says.

At the door, Walden tells Alan that he’s grateful for his help, and owes him a favor. Alan, of course, asks to move back in to the house. Now if we could just find out what happened to Jake …

So, there you have it. The Two and a Half Men (well at least two for sure) are back in residence at the beach house, with Berta again at the housekeeping helm. Any thoughts on Walden?  Have you enjoyed Alan‘s budding friendship with Walden? And have you seen Jake recently, or should we start putting up posters? Tell us what you like and dislike about the new season. We’d love to hear what you think!