Dang! It just keeps getting worse! Just when you thought Two and A Half Men had reached the nadir, it plummets even further. This episode pulled out all the lowest stops – we now know that Alan and Charlie were truly brothers, because Alan’s past behavior is pretty darn bad as well.

When Lyndsay turns down Alan’s request for ‘after expensive dinner’ sex, he takes his Viagra enhanced sex drive downstairs, opts for some porn channel surfing, and discovers that Lyndsay did a little acting in her youth. He’s both turned on and turned off, and is cool to her the next morning.

When he confronts her, she admits to being the Cinnamon in “Cinnamon’s Buns.” She says it was twenty years ago, and she needed the money. He’s snippy to her about the fact that she never told him about her past, but when she asks about events in his own life that might be embarrassing, he unloads far too much information – including embezzlement, theft, and a rather nasty use of peanut butter and a pet dog - and Lyndsay throws him out of her house.

Back at the beach house, Berta is teaching Walden how to bake ‘special brownies.’ Alan looks for sympathy for his breakup with Lyndsay, but Walden is too out of it to be of any help. However, while Alan leaves a phone message apologizing to Lyndsay, Walden organizes a party to cheer him up. With an entire team of female Malibu students in bikinis, Alan decides to get over it, and throws himself into forgetting Lyndsay. So of course, he’s soon covered in whipped cream and chocolate and ready to be a tasty treat for the girls.

Lyndsay arrives at the beach house, prepared to forgive Alan, to find a ‘bunch of stoned girls in bikinis dancing’ in the living room. Thinking quickly, Walden throws Alan, whipped cream and all, off of the deck, and tells Lyndsay that Alan is not home.

The next day, Lyndsay tells Alan that she can’t be mad at him for being honest, so she’ll forgive him. However, when she asks him where he was the previous night, he foolishly tells her the truth, and he’s once again thrown out of the house.

This episode is so not a case of putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional. It’s puerile and ridiculous, and shines a spotlight on the fact that Walden is still channeling ‘Kelso’, and leaving the show to be carried by Jon Cryer’s ‘Alan.’ And where’s our half man? Out sniffing Charlie’s ashes? The writing this week focused on bad – and ancient – sex jokes, pot and boobies. Were the writers themselves indulging in the brownies?  I didn’t even like Charlie – but I’m missing him. How about you?