At the next board meeting, Alan introduces Bridget and Robin to Zoey, his new lawyer, and Alan, as the new board member. Walden proposes a vote to reinstate himself, and Alan agrees. Robin and Bridget opt to abstain from the vote until receiving legal counsel, and leave.

Alan stops in the hotel bar for a drink, and finds himself approached by both Bridget and Robin. Robin tries flattery to get Alan on their side, and when Bridget leaves, Robin ups the ante by getting physical. Alan doesn’t stand a chance.

Alan returns home to the beach house, where Walden is checking out possible business ventures on the Internet. Walden wants to gloat about his win over Robin and Bridget. Alan stammers and stutters as he tells Walden that he needs to slow down on his company spending for his own good.

Walden realizes that Alan has been talking to the ‘enemy,’ and warns Alan that there are plenty of other people he could put in as the fourth in the company. Walden tells Alan that he put him on the board to watch his back, and he must never betray him. Even as Alan stammers that nothing would make him betray Walden, he’s remembering expensive cognac and a happy ending in the Men’s Room.

Alan has a secret meeting with Robin and Bridget, where he tries to play them by backing out of their agreement. They realize he’s again loyal to Walden, and ask what it would take to get him back on side. A brand new red Porsche, says Alan, and of course, they get it for him. Walden immediately guesses what happened, and admits that yes, Alan is weak, and that’s why he chose him.

At the board meeting, Robin and Bridget are confident that they have Alan on their side, but he votes with Walden. Alan assures Robin and Bridget that they’re not the first women he’s disappointed, and returns the keys to the Porsche to Robin.

Walden’s first act as the reinstated President is to change the name of the company to “Walden Loves Alan Enterprises.”  When he leaves the room, Bridget and Robin leap over the table and begin pummeling Alan.

Back at the beach house, Walden and Alan relax on the deck, sipping expensive cognac, and smoking cigars. Alan brings up the subject of investment, and mentions his own invention that allows patients to chiropractically adjust their own backs. Alan describes the high tech device as being two rubber balls attached to a stick. The only high tech aspect of the invention is that they’d sell it over the Internet.

Walden produces the deed to the beach house, with Alan now noted as half owner. Although Alan doesn’t have any rights to sell the property, or to borrow against it, he can tell women it’s his house. Walden leaves, and Alan attempts to relight his cigar, accidentally setting himself on fire.

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