When last we saw our ‘men,’ Walden had broken the news to ex-wife Bridget that he’d moved on. She was not pleased.

At the beach house, Walden’s just discovered that one of his investments has gone belly up. He’s lost $80 million dollars. Oops! Alan’s shocked that Walden can be so casual about the loss, but Walden’s not upset. That is, until Bridget calls, and reminds him that half of what he owns is hers. She wants control over his company.

In the city, Walden is called to a corporate stock holder’s meeting, which includes Bridget, Walden’s mother Robin, and Uncle Martin, Walden’s attorney.  Walden, Bridget and Robin are the only stockholders. He had expected his mother to vote with him, but Robin has her own concerns about how Walden’s been investing the company’s assets. Bridget is going for the jugular – she wants Walden removed as President of ‘Walden Loves Bridget Enterprises,’ with all further decisions to be made by a majority vote of the board.

The immediate vote results in Walden effectively being removed as President, and a second vote proposed by Bridget doubles the budget for Robin’s primate research facility. With that, the ladies adjourn the meeting, leaving Walden angry and frustrated.

In bed, Walden consults Zoey about his options. She first wants to know about the company name. He promises her he’ll change that as soon as he gets his company back. She tells him that as long as there are just the three of them on the board, he can be outvoted. However, he has the right, as founder, to name a fourth person to the board, and to be the tie breaker in the event of a tie in voting.  He offers to make her the fourth shareholder, but she doesn’t think it wise to mix business and genitalia. She will, however, be his lawyer.

Zoey advises Walden to find a fourth board member who can be controlled; a puppet, a patsy, someone not very bright. That would be Alan, I suspect.

Walden surprises Alan, who’s in the bath shaving his legs. Of course Alan would be delighted to be the fourth board member, especially when he’s assured that all he has to do is vote with Walden at all times. And that he’ll receive $50,000 a year as an honorarium.