With Alan now safely back at the Beach House, and Jake arriving for his weekend with Dad, Two and A Half Men are … two and a half men again. Alan, worrying about his status as a ‘guest’ in the house, asks for permission for Jake to sleep over, despite the fact that Walden finds Jake peeing into a potted plant. Walden’s in a good mood, as he’s just received an email from ex, Bridget, inviting him to dinner.

The first stumbling block to Walden rekindling his romance with Bridget occurs when she expects him to pick the place where they will have dinner. Since she’s always picked the restaurants before, Walden asks Jake for a recommendation for a romantic location; Jake suggests ‘Soup Plantation,’ an all you can eat locale. As they chat, and Walden helps himself to Jake’s snack, Jake admits that he’s been failing his school classes. Walden says he did as well, until his mother and teachers realized that he was so smart that the classes bored him. Jake thinks that might be his problem as well.

Jake explains this theory to Alan, and says that he‘s decided to quit school, as Walden did. Alan says Jake will not be quitting school, as he’s neither a prodigy, nor a genius, as Walden is.  Jake is angry that Alan doesn’t think he is ‘special.’

Walden, preparing for his date, ask Alan how he looks. “Your face should be on gay money,” answers Alan. Alan asks Walden if he encouraged Jake to quit school and start a business, and Walden confirms the conversation. Actually, Walden skipped high school, and quit M.I.T. Alan says that Jake would have a problem spelling MIT. Alan asks Walden to be careful how he talks to Jake, as Jake is looking for a role model.

Walden then asks Alan for advice on his big date. He wants to know what he can do to convince Bridget to take him back. Alan says a woman needs time to reflect on how much she misses her man. Walden realizes he should have asked Jake’s advice instead.

At the cafeteria-style restaurant, Bridget blames herself for expecting Walden to pick a decent restaurant, and he says that it was Jake’s suggestion. As Bridget explains that she agreed to have dinner with him because she cares for him, he interrupts to ask if they’ll be having sex later, and sulks when the answer is ‘no.’ She says that she may care for him, but the marriage is over. She’s insisting on a divorce because she has grown up, but he’s still the same as when he was 19.  She says she needs a life partner that’s a mature, responsible adult, and as she wipes the food off his face, says that that is not Walden.

As a little girl at the next table throws food at him, Walden attempts to charm Bridget, saying he can change. But when the child again throws food, he gives in and starts tossing his own meal at the child. Soon he and the child are in the middle of a full food fight, while Bridget looks on in disgust.

Back at the beach house, Alan and Berta are enjoying a quiet evening. Judith arrives to confront Alan and Jake about Jake’s decision to quit school. Alan says Walden was the culprit. As Judith angrily tries to ask Walden about his words, Walden says that he’s just gotten back from dinner with his soon to be ex-wife, and is very unhappy. Judith falls under Walden’s spell, and they begin to make out on the coach. Meanwhile, Jake’s filming their encounter, positive that he now has the ammunition to quit school.

Elsewhere, Bridget and an unidentified man disengage from having had sex. Apparently she was particularly frisky that evening. She asks him how he’d feel about growing a beard, and smiles while admitting that a beard would scratch her face.

And so ends week 3 of ‘Men’ without Charlie. Is the series catching on with you? Will Jake blackmail his mother into allowing him to quit school? Is the mystery man in Bridget’s bed a real threat to a reconciliation with Walden? And what would you do with the $100 million Sheen is purportedly receiving as a lovely parting gift?