All you dance and exercise fans out there better keep an eye out for July 21, because that's the day that "So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit" comes out on DVD. There are two different DVDs - one titled "Tone and Groove" and the other "Cardio Funk." got a chance to speak with one of the instructors on the video, Stephen "Twitch" Boss. He was the runner-up of SYTYCD season four and is now appearing in these DVDs and the upcoming movie "Step Up 3-D." Check out our interview to learn more about Twitch and how you can get fit by having fun!

Starpulse: So you were really close to making the top 20 in season three, but Hok edged forward a little bit. Was it discouraging to get that close or inspirational for you to try again?

Twitch: It was inspirational for me to try again. I auditioned for season three on a whim. I was just kind of like, oh it's happening today? Yeah, yeah, I'll go. I'd love that. And then I ended up going that far. So I realized when I got to the top 20, even though I didn't make it, I didn't go in with the intention and probably the same hunger and thirst that everybody else went in all the way, they were committed from the start. Whereas I went on a whim, you know what I mean?

But you brought it back for season four.

That's right, season four I had it. (Laughter) I really did.

Hip-hop has come a long way, especially on that show, and I think you and Joshua have a lot to do with that. How do you feel about being an inspiration for the hip-hop dancers coming up now?

Well, I guess it feels really good, but you know they did have Hok and Deitrix, and then also Ivan of season two. So I think it's just been continuously kind of been paving the way, each of us in a different way. We kind of approach hip-hop differently even though we're coming from the same place. I'm very smooth and very clean and get musicality, while Hok and Deitrix are getting the power moves. I think we're all just kind of pushing our own thing.

What advice would you have for hip-hop dancers starting to get serious in the dance world?

To absolutely make yourself as versatile as possible. Even though you are a hip-hop dancer, that's ... that's really just kind of a word. It's more what you do to specialize, but you understand movement so therefore you are a dancer. There really are no brackets. Even if you're a hip hop dancer, that just means you really like to dance to hip-hop, but you understand movement. You understand how to move your body, so to further that is one of the smartest things that I will ever say.

And it worked out well for you.

(Laughter) It did, it did. It's knowledge. Knowledge is always good.

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So how did you get involved with the SYTYCD Get Fit DVD project?

Well after we came back from tour they called a couple of us and said they had an idea for a fitness DVD together. And how interested we'd be in it. And at first you know fitness DVD you think about Richard Simmons a little bit, spandex (chuckle) ... but, I don't know, I liked the people that were involved and I thought it would be fun. So I went in.

So how does the two DVDs differ from one another? "Tone and Groove" versus "Cardio Funk?"

Well tone and groove is kind of an intro to it, while cardio funk is really kind of cutting you up... It's not like an advanced and beginner type thing, it's just a little different in movement quality. I think that's what we were trying to go with for the different styles. Where they target different muscle groups, and then while one DVD will target those muscle groups and kind of activate them and get you used to moving your body like that, the other DVD will move your body in a completely different way that might work on stretching rhythmically. You know what I mean? That will be the entire exercise, something like that.

What can people expect when they pop the DVD in? What are they going to see?

Oh, when you pop it in you're going to start with a warm up. We're trying to motivate people to get fit by dancing. And since, you know, we're using us, we're going to take you through basically how we get started before we dance. Meaning we'll start with the warm up of course, and we're breaking everything down letting you know why we're warming it up, because we didn't want to approach it as if... people that understand everything that dancers do before they dance or the dancers vocabulary and stuff like that. We're trying to explain why you would warm up, why you get yourself comfortable before you actually stretch. Stuff like that. And then we move on into the exercise. And you can do exercise by exercise. There's three different chapters, you can pick whichever one you like. Or you can do them all in sequence.

That's amazing, you know I'm sure a lot of people would love to learn how to dance and stay in shape at the same time. I want to do it!