Things seem to be spicing up in Danny’s world. He’s usually attracting everyone’s attention, but now some of it may not be negative.

Fall Festival has arrived and the biggest topic at the town meeting is whether Danny can attend the festivities or not. While the town debates his presence, Karen doubts Danny after she finds that he has hidden the necklace in their home. She even goes as far as visiting his therapist to question about psychopaths and the signs that point towards one.

This episode is also the revelation episode of Jo’s attraction to Danny. Not caring the years before, Jo decides to attend fall festival only if Danny joins her. She persuades him by telling him it will be good for his reputation. Even though Danny doesn’t want to attend, he does for Jo.

During the afternoon festival, Jo and Danny help Rico out with his pie booth. Rico is jealous of the attention Jo is giving to Danny. Things really heat up when Danny is the topic of a confrontation at the festival. When trying to stop it, Danny gets pushed into Rico’s booth, which then destroys the pies. That pushes Rico over the edge.

The Mayor and Chief Masterson are also not too keen on Jo’s friendship with Danny. They are pushed over the edge also when she attends formal with him.

Lacey spends her time investigating Regina’s necklace on her own. She goes to Regina’s mother for information, but doesn’t discover anything new. She then helps Regina’s mother by sorting out condolences mail sent to their home, during which she finds an anonymous envelope to Regina. The letter inside claims that Regina was up to something and that she had a deal going on with the writer of the letter. The envelope also included a large amount of cash for Regina. Not knowing what to do with it, she takes the envelope to Danny. They decide to tell Jo about it so that they can solve the case behind the letter on their own. Before Danny and Lacey take the envelope to Jo, they give in to their attraction to one another and kiss.

The biggest scene of the episode was of Karen, in hopes of protection her son, getting rid of the necklace. She goes to throw it in the lake. Not knowing he was there, Rico catches her throwing something in the lake, which I assume he will investigate in the forthcoming episodes.

So, what do I think?

Not bad. I’ve been a bit negative about the show thus far because I haven’t seen much happening. It also seems like this story can be solved in a few more episodes and be done with. But this episode was engaging and had me wanting to see what happens after each commercial. I give it a B.