Another week, another “Twisted” episode. Not much of a surprise, the episode was bland for a mystery show. Heads up, you may think my recap is awfully short compared to the last one, but much didn’t happen .

The topic of the night was teenage sobriety. Students at the high school have the option of either writing an essay about drunk driving or acting in a skit. Per usual, the “popular” crowd decided to take the play route and school focused kids, including Jo, wrote their essays. Jo wanting to spice things up in her life decided that it was time for her to make friends. She started by joining Sarita’s (Jamila Velasquez) science group. Not to her surprise, Sarita doesn't welcome her with open arms.

While Jo is trying to find her place at school, Danny is spending time trying to get Lacey to forgive him. Lacey finds out from Chief Masterson that he knew about her sleepover at Danny’s house the night of the murder. She thinks Danny told him, when really it was Danny’s mother. That further pushes Lacey away from Danny, and Danny becomes furious on his Mom for causing the rift.

Soon afterwards, Danny and Jo, looking for acceptance from the same group of friends, decide to join the teenage sobriety skit. Much to their dismay, Lacey, Sarita and Archie (Grey Damon) aren’t happy. Danny then comes up with a better script which pushes Archie to drop out. Danny takes over Archies role and Jo, having more self-confidence, asks for the lead kicking Sarita to crew work. Sarita becomes furious and displays a drunk video of Jo after the play end’s, embarrassing her. Lacey realizes that Danny and Jo may be the good ones, but she is still hesitant of their friendship. COUPLE ALERT: Lacey almost leans in to kiss Danny.

While the kids are venturing into different groups at school, Chief Masterson is doing some venturing into territory he isn’t welcomed at. He confronts Mrs. Desai about the missing picture of Aunt Terra at the Desai home. He does some digging because he wants to see if Terra is wearing the necklace missing from Regina’s neck. Mrs. Desai doesn’t welcome him, but later he is surprised when he finds a picture of Terra in his garage. Not to his surprise, she is wearing the necklace.

The biggest revelation in this episode happens towards the end when Rico and Jo discover that their stories of Archie and Scott, the night of Regina’s party, don’t match up. One of them had been lying about their whereabouts, so does that mean they are involved in the big murder mystery? COUPLE ALERT: This episode is only evidence to Rico's attraction to Jo.

So, what do I think?

Right now, nothing. I give this episode a C because it didn’t add much to the series. I felt that if the viewer had skipped this episode before the next one, there wouldn’t have been a difference in the story line. The episode was lacking the substance to keep the viewer engaged. I even found myself wanting to forward through the episode till the end.