Coming into last night's Survivor: Gabon, the Fang tribe had lost 5 challenges in a row. This trend would continue as Kota easily handled Fang in the reward challenge. Kota won a picnic, while Sugar was yet again sent to Exile Island. Kota was happy and as confident as ever coming off their most recent win. However, they were not ready for the upcoming twist. When both tribes arrived for the immunity challenge, it was revealed that both tribes would be going to tribal council.

The challenge was a log rolling competition. The castaways would compete one-on-one in elimination matches, with the eventual winner getting individual immunity at his or her tribe's impending tribal council. Marcus, the doctor from Atlanta, was the eventual winner. Since he was from Kota, he got to choose one person from the Fang tribe to also be immune, and he chose Sugar.

At their first tribal council in several days, Kota was looking for the weak links. Susie was not pulling her weight in challenges. She had not gotten a very good reputation around camp either, and Randy and Corrine had gone as far as calling her crazy. Dan was an outsider since he had come from the original Fang tribe, and unlike Randy he had not made any friends on Kota. Dan had grown the tendency to be very paranoid, and the other Kota members did not like having him around. In the end, it was Dan that would be eliminated in a 4-3 split vote.

Opinions differed greatly at the Fang tribe as who should be the next to go. Matty agreed that Ace was untrustworthy, but since he had sworn on his girlfriend's life that he wouldn't vote for her, he refused to do so. Matty wanted Sugar to be the next to go, but Ace was friends with Sugar, and convinced Matty it would be a bad idea. They decided that Crystal was a poisonous attitude in camp and should be the next to go. It looked as though Crystal would be voted out, until Kenny decided to pull Sugar aside and tell her Ace is a snake and that they should blindside him now. Sugar kind of knew all along that Ace was using her, and decided this was a good idea. At tribal council, Ace was voted out 3-2. In a reaction the surprise elimination, Jeff Probst said, "24 days in, Fang is finally playing the game."

Looking ahead to the merger, it would appear Marcus is at the top of the pack. His alliance of Corrine, Charlie, Bob, and Randy will have the numbers and the strength to make it to the final five. Right now, it is his game to lose, and he may want to try to not appear too strong, or others may decide they have to get rid of him before it is too late. For the remaining members of Fang, their only hope will be to get to a merger and hope they can spin the weakest members of the Kota alliance off to their side.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer