Forbes recently released its 2010 edition of "Fictional 15," which ranks fiction's wealthiest characters.  Topping the list is Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch from the "Twilight" novels and films. 

Cullen, age 370, is worth $34.1 billion, mostly due to his adopted daughter Alice, who picks stocks based on her ability to see the future.

Other wealthy characters and their estimated net worth:

Scrooge McDuck ($33.5 billion)
Richie Rich ($11.5 billion)
Tony Stark ($8.8 billion)
Jed Clampett ($7.2 billion)
Adrian Veidt ($7 billion)
Bruce Wayne ($6.5 billion)
The Tooth Fairy ($3.9 billion)
Thurston Thomas Howell III ($3 billion)
Sir Topham Hatt ($2 billion)

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Carlisle Cullen, AKA Peter Facinelli