#1 Prison Break

Two words: Wentworth Miller. Before landing the juicy role of Michael Scofield in the escapist drama, audiences got a taste of the actor in CBS drama Joan of Arcadia and the films Underworld and The Human Stain. But did you know he’s a graduate of Princeton and once belonged to an a capella singing group? With his mesmerizing blue eyes, Miller makes “Prison Break” appointment TV.

#2 Heroes

Recently nominated for two Golden Globes, including one for fan-favorite Masi Oka, "Heroes" definitely has fans talking. Unlike sci-fi contemporary Lost, “Heroes” doesn’t wait an entire season to reveal juicy details about its characters and plot. What it does do is keep viewers glued to their seats as they learn more about brain stealing Sylar and Horn Rimmed Glasses guy, whose intentions are still questionable. Plus, how cool was it to watch Claire recover after her chest was opened up in the morgue?

#3 Ugly Betty

One of the only new comedies worth watching this year, Golden Globe nominee “Ugly Betty” centers on awkward Betty Suarez as she navigates the world of high fashion at Mode magazine. The series shows that it’s not appearance that matters but who you are on the inside. America Ferrera brilliantly captures Betty’s foibles and missteps as she faces the world in strange business attire, eyeglasses and dental braces.

#4 Grey’s Anatomy

The doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital have already been through a lot this year. Izzie returned to work following the death of her fiancé. Meredith and Derek decided to give it another go. Christina and Preston teamed up in the OR while hiding Preston’s hand tremor. Viewers will continue to tune in to see what happens next to the interns, their lovers, and other doctors who strive to heal their patients while mending their own hearts.

#5 Dancing With The Stars

Where else can you find an eclectic group of celebrities willing to strut their stuff in front of millions of people? Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmet Smith amazed viewers with his incredible moves on "Dancing With The Stars." He kept good company with actor Joey Lawrence, singer Sara Evans and even talk show host Jerry Springer. The reality series swept the nation and will be launching a tour in 2007.