ReckoningRevenge’s thrilling season ender saw Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) not only confront her father’s killer in a satisfying and strangely sweet final fight, but surrender to her feelings for ruggedly handsome bartender, Jack. It wouldn’t be “Revenge” without infuriating twists and double-crosses. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) prepared to head to Washington D.C. with a designer handbag full of evidence proving Conrad framed David Clark for the financing the terrorist plot. In a beautifully poetic twist of fate, the white-haired man who Emily couldn’t kill with that shiny axe rigged Victoria’s plane to explode. Charlotte, devastated by news of her mother’s presumed demise, downed a fistful of pills. And Faux Amanda resurfaced with a bombshell of a baby bump. In the last seconds of this stellar episode, Emily feared all of the evidence that could exonerate her father had perished in the plane crash, but Nolan arrived for the last-minute save and with news that Emily’s mother was still alive?! If you’re not a disciple of ABC’s dishy, twisty, jaw-droppingly addictive soap opera, you have all summer to catch up.  Grade: A+

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