Love is never straightforward in TV land. There are always tons of obstacles, problems, and misunderstandings. Sometimes, the two leading characters are even arch enemies. Which definitely enhances sexual chemistry. Starpulse gives you six couples that prove: Being each other's nemesis is hot.

Tru Davis & Jack Harper (Eliza Dushku & Jason Priestley) - "Tru Calling"

Now these two are real arch enemies, having been pit against each other by none other than the universe itself. Tru re-lives days in order to save people who died the first time around; Jack's "calling" on the other hand is to make sure these exact people stay dead. Has there ever been a more star-crossed love?

Of course, it's not like there is ever any "love" between them, but, oh, the sexual tension! When Jack changes fate so that someone close to Tru dies in the finale of season one, "it's on!", as Eliza Dushku herself so brilliantly puts it. "The dynamic between those two, it's charged."

They battle each other with all they got in wits, physical strength and long, hard stares; while still being tied together by destiny. The two of them share the experience of re-living days and playing god. Plus, they are TOTALLY meant for each other.

Jack Bauer & Nina Myers (Kiefer Sutherland & Sarah Clarke) - "24"

Okay, now this one is delicate. Before Nina decided to go over to the "dark side" - in the case of "24", this always means terrorism - she and Jack actually carried on a nice little office affair. What with him still working closely with Nina, but also trying to fix his messed-up marriage, this was always good for a little conflict and bitchery all through season one. But then, as always in "24", all of a sudden everything changed. Spoiler alert to anyone who lives behind Mars and hasn't seen the Season 1 finale: Nina turned out to be not only a husband-seducer, but a totally terrorist-y villain! The icing on the cake was when she decided to actually kill Jack's pregnant wife and make Jack (!) cry (!!!). Over the next two seasons she chose to randomly show up in the middle of the biggest terrorist attacks ever and make Jack lose his composure. Also, evil circumstances forced Jack to clench his teeth really, really hard and cooperate with her over and over again. This culminated in a kiss she made him give her as proof of his loyalty in Season 3. All this oppressed anger mixed with constant physical closeness was pure sex.

Oops, I forgot, the whole thing actually culminated in him shooting her dead later in the season. With lots of bullets. Not so hot.

Jim Profit & Joanne Meltzer (Adrian Pasdar & Lisa Zane) - "Profit"

Little-known show, big chemistry. Jim Profit is an über-villain who doesn't waste time on petty things like human emotion. Reared by a television set, he has learnt to keep up a perfect façade. And Joanne, security chief at the company where Profit is presently wreaking havoc, is the only one to look behind it. She fights a lonely battle against him, but she's not about to go down easily. She doesn't even give up when Profit blackmails her psychiatrist into givimg her paranoia through hypnosis. And even though they hate each other with a vengeance ("You can't expect everyone to like you," © Profit) they are like the proverbial two sides of the same coin. Both experienced severe childhood trauma that they had to deal with on their own. They share one fate and are therefore connected - in a very twisted, very steamy kind of way.

Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls (Kristen Bell & Jason Dohring) - "Veronica Mars"

Ah, remember the old days? When Veronica and Logan despised each other instead of being the prettiest couple on campus? Or just the good old days, when this great show was still un-canceled, for that matter? Sigh.

Oh, and how they hated each other. Veronica lived on the wrong side of the tracks, and Logan tried to make sure she stayed there. He was a mix between the classic dumb high school bully and the mean-spirited guy who trash-talked you in front of all your friends. But step by step, we discovered that there was a sad and thoroughly kind person behind this persona he had created. Veronica saw that as well and fell for him. Then, not so much anymore. Then, again. Those were the times.

Sydney Bristow & Julian Sark (Jennifer Garner & David Anders) - "Alias"

Okay, I have to admit I know near to nothing about these characters' relationship. I just included them because both of them are really hot and they apparently fight each other on that show.

Gregory House & Lisa Cuddy (Hugh Laurie & Lisa Edelstein) - "House"

Those two don't really fit into this group of nemeses. They do have a love-hate-relationship. But, let's face it - everyone, even the characters themselves, know they actually loooooove each other. In the meantime, it's incredible fun to watch their banter and their only slightly concealed sexual innuendos. Extra "hottie" points for the fact that she's his boss.

Story by Johanna Schönfeld

Starpulse contributing writer