Countless scenes in FOX's King of the Hill showed Hank Hill and his three best friends standing around in the alley, drinking beer and talking about whatever they wanted to. It got us thinking: which TV characters would we want as our BFFs? Here's BFTV's list of the top 10 fictional folks we'd like to be best friends with.

Before you check out our picks, let us set them up for you with the rules of the game:

1) The King of the Hill test: is this character really someone you'd want to spend hours in the alley with?

2) No more than one character from the same TV series

3) No more than one character played by the same actor (because that doppleganger thing would get weird).

We also sorted them not in order of preference, but in alphabetical order by title of their shows, so we're not saying any one of them is better than the others.

Got it? Great. Read on to check out the Top 10 TV Characters We'd Want As Our BFF.