Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has the ultimate line-up in February for a month-long tribute to movies nominated for Academy Awards. This year, TCM's annual salute to the movies nominated for or awarded Hollywood's most prestigious prize borrows its theme from the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." For "360 Degrees of Oscar," the cast of each movie aired during the festival is linked to the movie immediately broadcast after it through a common movie star.

Hosted by Robert Osborne, the festival kicks off on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 6 a.m. with Mogambo, featuring Ava Gardner, who then stars in the next movie, Show Boat, which stars Kathryn Grason, who then stars in the next movie, Thousands Cheer, and so on. The massive festival ends Friday, March 3, two days before the 78th Annual Academy Awards. The final movie in the festival, Lust for Life, features actor Eric Pohlmann, who is also featured in the first movie in the festival, Mogambo, bringing the entire month full circle.

This year's festival also welcomes TCM premieres such as the 1988 four-time Oscar winner Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Feb. 18), 1991 nominee Fried Green Tomatoes (Feb. 21), Harrison Ford's early classic The Conversation (Feb. 28) and the 1973 nominee Nashville (Feb. 21). These modern films join TCM favorites such as Citizen Kane (Feb. 2) and the eight-time Oscar winner Gone with The Wind (Feb. 26) for a unique blend of classic films all connected by one degree of separation.

The stars connected in "360 Degrees of Oscar range from ultra-popular (Robert Redford in The Sting and Out of Africa on Feb. 12) to relatively obscure (Grandon Rhodes in Born Yesterday and White Heat on Feb. 15), but every movie is a gem.