It’s pretty much pointless to try to find the worst moments of True Detective, because so many of my complaints about the show are truly reaching. The show thus far has been as close to perfect as possible. Every week I crave a peak into the mind of Cohle and to watch McConaughey’s amazing performance. Most of the negative comments I have about the show (detectives life outside of work is far more compelling than the actual case and female characters are underdeveloped) are likely to repeat every week. So until I see anything that sticks out as really bad, I’m going to stick with only the best moments.

Best Moments:

1. Uncomfortable Road Trips

The car rides with Hart and Cohle are always amazing. I could watch a whole season of the two of them driving and arguing about philosophy and dumb things. During an interrogation, Cohle refuses to sugarcoat things to the victim’s husband. He tells him that he put in motion the events that lead to her death. In the car, Hart expresses his doubts about blaming him. Cohle puts it perfectly: “You’re funny, Marty. The sh!t you get soft about.”

2.  A Suspect Worth Spending Time On

Thus far, all the suspects have been barely worth their screen time. Nobody has spent more than one scene as a suspect before being forgotten. Now Reggie Ledoux, a scary meth dealing monster-looking dude, is leading the detectives down new and interesting roads. Ledoux likely won’t be the culprit, but he’ll lead to the correct suspect. Or at least point the investigation in the right direction.

3. Hart’s Life Falls Apart

There’s a sick sort of pleasure in seeing Hart’s life turn to sh!t. His mistress Lisa, still mad about Hart’s blow up from the last episode, reveals the details of his affair to his wife, Maggie. She takes the kids and leaves him, turning him into an even bigger mess than before. He verbally attacks her at work and stays at Cohle’s apartment like a desperate loser. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

4. Maggie and Cohle’s Continuing Relationship

Cohle and Maggie scenes are always great too, especially since she seems to understand him more than most. He tries to convey his concern for their marriage in the most Cohle way possible. After skipping Hart’s actual message to Maggie, Cohle rambles on about men and women only needing to stick around each other for kids. “You must have been a great husband,” she says. If you were wondering what it would take to shut Cohle up, that’s it. He just stood up and walked away. And that was just the beginning of the Cohle-pain.

5. Undercover Preparations

I wasn’t 100% clear why Cohle needed to go undercover with this particular group of guys, but it sure was a fun ride. He has plenty of tricks to prepare himself for that part. He injects a concoction of cayenne pepper in his arm to look like track marks. The sequence where he easily replaces the evidence locker coke with flour was genius, especially with the music and Cohle’s final words: “They should really have a better system for this.”

6. Cohle’s Undercover Adventure

Boy that was tough to watch. Cohle has a history of undercover work in the drug world so he puts on his own persona, Crash, to meet up with some old cohorts. With Hart waiting in the car with an ancient emergency cell phone by his side, Cohle enters a club where apparently leather is a requirement. (Nice pairing with tonight’s Looking, which was about a leather festival in San Francisco.) Cohle pretends to want to trade his coke for meth, but things escalate throughout the tonight from bad to catastrophe. His old dealer friend makes him try a mystery drug and plows him with coke throughout the night. Their adventures lead them to a rival drug dealer’s home where things transform into a full out drug war. People die and Cohle ends up with a hostage. This will end well.

Other Musings:

  • Hart to Lisa: “You f*****g whore.” Lisa: “What did you just call me, you wet noodle?” Tell him, sister.
  • Hart: “Solution was right under my nose, but I was paying attention to the wrong clues” I wonder what this is going to mean. Is it about the case or about Maggie?
  • Cohle lies to the future detectives by saying that he was visiting his sick dad instead of going undercover. This will definitely bite him in the ass.
  • When Hart tries to blame Cohle for his failing marriage, Cohle doesn’t even let him finish the thought.
  • Hart:“You are the Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch.”
  • Cohle’s description of torture was stomach curdling. No thanks to the visual of a face getting ripped off.
  • More Cohle backstory: his dad was a survivalist, who he lived with in Alaska from the time he was 3. His mom abandoned him early on. His dad felt betrayed when he left the cold of Alaska for West Texas.
  • Cohle: “Goddamn, I’m so done talking to you like a man.” Beats in his face.