How do you think Pam stacks up against other female characters in this genre?

You know, I am just more and more in love with Pam. I just did the DVD special edition of the BluRay for season 2. The writers wrote me 35 pages of dialogue of just straight Pam, more than the first and second season combined, just commenting on what is happening on the show, and it just pops up throughout the season if you get the BluRay. So I really got so much more information and love of Pam, because she is unremorseful and she knows who she is. There is a lot to respect about her. She sees humans as food and a source of entertainment, which I find hysterical! And she is just unbelievably fun to play, and I am just completely biased. I look at all the other female vampires and I am just like, 'Pam is better than all of them!' And that is not me, anyone who would play her, it is these writers - Charlene Harris, Alan Ball and all his incredible writers.

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We really don't know a lot about Pam or her background. We just see her interactions through Eric and Sookie, so how difficult is that for you to play? What do you think that does to her character?

Well, it is interesting for an actor because I hadn't read the books when I was cast. The audition scene was a lot of the one liners. I just went in and used my most sarcastic dry self, which you know, exists, and they say I'm hired. And playing the part - I get this fan mail that says they love the books and tell me that I am exactly Pam. And, I'm thinking, 'Well, that's lucky.' It happens to be that my viewpoint just happens to work, and that is the fun of acting because half the time it isn't true. Then I start in my mind creating who Pam is through the help of the writers and directors, and you hit upon something. Doing the BluRay last week was fantastically interesting because for two days it was just me talking into the camera, being Pam talking and commenting about Bill, Eric, you know all the other stuff in the second season, about Jessica, this new vampire. I found so many layers and so much depth to Pam and who she is and where she comes from.

I have a question from a reader, Kelly M., who said the show is doing fantastic job staying true to Harris' series, so do you and Sookie become closer in this season, and if so how do you think that further shapes Pam's character?

Well, season two they don't have Sookie and I get closer; we are never in the same scene with each other. So I know in the books we get closer, I guess [book] three or four, I am as curious as everyone else what they are going to do with these relationships and how much they stay close to the books and how the added stuff affects what is in the books. I am on the edge of my seat as well. When the scripts come I am there like a fan, like everyone else because I would be watching the show if I weren't on it.

This is biased, but it this your favorite role so far?

It is hard because you always love the one you are currently doing. But Pam is exceptional and is unique, and it is an incredible time and experience in TV. Working with Alan Ball, working on a vampire show, playing this flamboyant character with a costume designer like Audrey Fisher is just so lucky. Between the hair and makeup people, they create this person! I come in tired in my sweats at 4 a.m., and two hours later, out of the trailer, comes this incredible creature. So I am part of an amazing team. That is very fortunate.

It is a great time for vampire narratives right now.

It is, it seems to be a resurgence right now, and I was thinking, I am all of a sudden just more aware of vampire stuff. Because it seems everywhere I turn is just vampire stuff.

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Story by Sarah Lafferty
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