Previously - Violet imprisoned Wade and Adilyn. Pam, Eric, and the Yakua cornered Sarah Newlin. Sookie and Bill reunited and made love. Jason was hot.

Crazy lady Sarah NEWLIN is cowering in her former cult compound when Eric Northman comes a’looking for her. Her realization that she is about to die is confirmed by another Jason STACK HOUSE hallucination. He’s wearing some really tight jeans and they’re highly flattering, If that’s death, sign my ass up. Sarah surrenders outside and Eric quickly goes to murder her. Pam’s threat to put a bullet into herself halts Eric’s murderous progress. Sarah babbles something about want to be the “Princess of Peace” but Eric quickly interrupts her by drinking her. And lo, his veins do fade away! He is cured! 

Sookie takes a post-sex opportunity to tie up a loose plot thread that no one remembered or cared about. Seriously, have you lay awake at night wondering what exactly Queen Sophie-Anne planned to do with Sookie once Vampire Bill Compton brought her in? No? Me neither. I’m more concerned with why Pam is unconcerned that her girlfriend and progeny got aced in this season’s premiere and she’s shed nary a tear. I know it was Death #2 but Tara has been around since the get-go. Respect. For those of you who do care, Sophie-Anne was trying to get a hold of Sookie before Queen Mab drew all the Fae to Fairyland and closed the gates. Her plan was to breed her. Bill informs Sookie that Sophie-Anne was a nice person back in the day. He means before the kidnappings, forcing people to sell drugs, eugenics schemes, and ludicrous outfits.

All this “Sophie-Anne who?” claptrap leads into a long discussion between them about how Bill feels that he is darkness beyond redemption and luckily Sookie has light-up fingers. Seriously, I’m not feeling Bill and Sookie this season. There’s been too many break-ups and monkey wrenches and he was a real dick to her when he was Billith. I’d much rather hang out with Jessica and Jason in the squad car. 

Lettie Mae and Lafayette are terrifying a local Bon Temps family by doing some unscheduled digging in their front yard. Rev. Daniels shows up to indicate that no, they’re not the gas company and please come home, Lettie Mae. Lettie Mae isn’t leaving until they find what the deceased Tara needs them to unearth to set her soul free. Maybe it’s Pam’s respect and regard for her well-being? James shows up to dose Tara’s kin, and Lettie Mae convinces the Reverend to join their V jaunt.

They enter the house and we’re at a birthday party for a very young Tara. Lil’ Sookie and Lil’ Lafayette are in attendance, and a young and sober Lettie Mae is happily running the festivities. Her happiness is short-lived, however, because a drunken Mr. Thornton comes home from work. He’s one of those abusive types and flies into a violent rage when he discovers Lettie neglected to invite his trashy ass to the party. Lettie sends mini-Sookie and mini-Lafayette away as Tara’s Dad’s anger builds. Where’s his gun, he bellows? Tara has it. She’s been keeping it in one of her dresser drawers, and she aims it at her father as he manhandles her mother. I thought this was going to be the explanation for all the anger and rage Tara had within her when she was alive (murdering her father and being left to be abused by her drunken mother), but no, Lil’ Tara makes the decision to bury the gun in the front yard. Dad’s inability to locate his gun sends him packing permanently, and Lettie collapses in the front yard. She screams about not knowing how to handle life without him. We’re back to the present-day and Lettie Mae and Tara discuss what happened. Tara feels she should have shot him, and it’s all her fault that Lettie Mae fell apart that day and turned to booze and being abusive.