Previously - The good guys threw down with the Hep-Vs and rescued Arlene and the others. Pam reminisced with Eric about the founding of Fangtasia and how Ginger was more involved in it than we ever knew!

Pam and Eric are having some issues with their pouty daughter Willa, who is NOT going with them to track down and kill Sarah Newlin. Even though the polar ice cap sexy that is Eric Northman made her into vamp, he certainly didn’t stick around to raise her. On the contrary, she looked upon Tara her vampire momma. She castigates Eric for leaving her, and Pam for leaving Tara. If you guessed that Eric and Pam could care less, at least on the outside, you win an official Bon Temps Public Works t-shirt and a case of Tru Blood Summer Hemogoblin. Eric wants any info on Sarah that Willa might have learned in her capacity as daughter of the governor. Willa makes Eric release her from their vampiric maker/progeny relationship before telling them that Sarah has a sister who is a vampire (!!!) that lives in Dallas. Her name is Amber Mills.

One of the more touching and long overdue aspects of this final season of True Blood is the creators allowing certain characters to shine more brightly than they ever have. Last week’s revelation that glamoured-to-the-point-of-insanity human suckslave Ginger was a major component in the creation of Fangtasia was inspired and this week was no different. Upon learning that Pam and Eric are exiting for Dallas, Ginger demands that Eric finally gift her with his assuredly polarized penis because she’s been waiting for it for so many years without any sort of contact between them. “Do you know what a sex slave is without sex?” she asks tragically. “A slave?” Pam answers, serving shade out of the deadest of pans. Poor Ginger ends up screaming ineffectually while trying to ride on top of Eric’s Air Anubis casket. I really hope she makes another appearance before the end.

Sookie returns home after the Hep-V showdown. It’s just her, Alcide’s leather jacket, and a whole lot of space. Before she can even have a good cry alone over her dead werewolf, Lafayette and James roll up. They heard about Alcide and are here to comfort her. Hopefully Jessica already changed her Facebook status cuz’ it looks like her and James aren’t actually a thing anymore. A motherly Lafayette puts Sookie to bed and promises to be there when she wakes up. Of course he’s there. He has to be because he decided to throw a party at Sookie’s house the next night and has invited the entire town. Sookie isn’t exactly jazzed about having a kegger a mere two nights after her lover got nixed, but Lafayette and new arrivals Alcide’s Dad and Alcide’s Dad’s…girlfriend…hooker…whatever, she’s fun, convince her that it’s a celebration of life. Cue up the iTunes playlist and pass the tequila, it’s a regular Bon Temps barnburner. Bill shows up with a handful of posies and a sheepish demeanor. Sookie invites him in and goes to get ready for the party.

In Dallas, Eric and Pam have a sitdown with the surprisingly delightful Amber Mills. She has to be delightful because Pam notes that she likes her and Pam doesn’t like anyone. We learn that Amber was the family wild child who got turned by her vamp boyfriend and was exiled from her rich, Bush-loving, Republican family. When Sarah went on to marry the late, lamented Steve Newlin and joined the Fellowship of the Sun, she began paying Amber to remain in the vampire closet and even told the press she was murdered by vamps. Meanwhile, Amber and her beau watched a lot of House Hunters and lived in relative peace on Sarah’s dime. Until Hep-V killed him. Amber has it, too. She knows where Sarah will be tonight - a Republican fund-raiser at the Bush Library and she’s totally on-board with Eric killing big sis.

Meanwhile at the house where godliness meets batsh!t crazy, Lettie Mae is trying to convince the Reverend to let her go to the big party at Sookie’s so she can say her goodbyes to Tara. The Rev. wisely notes that Lettie Mae’s two major vices are going to be present - booze and vampire blood. He forbids her from going. That’s ok, Lettie. Just spike his jambalaya with Benadryl and go anyway. Benadryl solves everything.