Previously - Bon Temps is a big ole’ mess. Famished vampires dying of the Hep-V virus have kidnapped several of Bon Temps favorite citizens (and Sam’s baby mama who isn’t Luna) to eat. The remaining citizens have formed a lynch mob looking to roust or kill the supernatural Americans in their midst. Pam finally found Eric in France and was horrified to discover he’s contracted Hep-V. 

The Meat - 

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Sarah Newlin is back. Anna Camp is a delightful actress and her portrayal of the nutty power-mad vamp hater was one of the few high points of last season. The bad news? The only werewolf on True Blood worth keeping is no longer being kept. But we’ll get to that at the end. In other major occurrences,  Sookie and Bill lay a trap for the Hep-Vs. Lafayette and Jessica’s man do some drugs together to sublimate their sexual tension. We learn how Eric first became affiliated with the Authority. And Willa’s got to find a new place to live.

The Blood -

Pam and Eric (and Sarah Newlin!) - Pam has tracked Eric to a vineyard in France’s Rhone valley. Eric’s feeling a malaise and decided to tap out of life and let the Hep-V have him. The loss of Nora (you’re forgiven if you just went “which one was she?”) has reminded him of the loss of his maker Godric, which has reminded him of the loss of Sylvie. Which one was she? It’s ok, she’s new. Let us know travel back to the Me Decade. It’s 1986, Pam has big hair, and Eric is romancing the vinter’s daughter, Sylvie. He’s in love, or some serious lust and intends to settle down amongst the grapes and have tons of sex in the moonlight. Who should interrupt him and his bare buttocks but the dearly departed Nan Flanagan! She’s dressed like Michael Jackson and explaining the advent of Tru Blood and mainstreaming to Eric. They need him to cut the crap with his indiscriminate sexin’ and murderin’. Eric tells Nan to engage in the most popular sexual act without the benefit of a partner. Pam shares Eric’s love for “french vagina” but thinks it’s time to beat feet. Some goons from the Japanese corporation that created Tru Blood show up to strong-arm Eric. They hold Pam and Sylvie at samurai sword-point and make him choose one to die. Of course he chooses Pam and poor, nude Sylvie is dispatched. Back to the present, Eric wants off this immortal coil and Pam is at a loss. Until a lightbulb goes off in her brilliant head (it’s a red one like they use in Fangtasia). Pam reveals that Jason Stackhouse didn’t execute Sarah Newlin. Nora’s remaining murderer and the slaughterer of many a vamp (as well as a certain Japanese businesswoman who ended up with a stiletto in her melon) is running around free! It seems Eric has a reason to keep on keepin’ on. By the way, Sarah Newlin is in Los Angeles, she’s become a yoga zombie, and she's sleeping with her guru. The gentlemen who took out Sylvie show up to take revenge on Sarah for killing their boss Ms. Suzuki. Namaste, guru!