"True Blood" smashes vampire stereotypes in the first five minutes. A grizzled dirty convenience store clerk with hooded eyes and tattoos winds up being just that - a clerk - while a hunter with a pot belly turns out to be the real vamp. The other initial bloodsucker sighting is a severe looking blonde woman on TV advocating vampire rights. These vampires are not wearing black trench coats or seducing people with their eyes. They're not particularly attractive or graceful. They almost blend in.

But for someone like Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), vampires stand out. When she spots an undead patron at the bar she works in, she is immediately attracted to him. He's the town's first vamp, after all. Her friends, however, are weary and don't want the innocent Sookie to get involved with such a strange character.

Although Sookie is inexperienced in love (and seemingly life), she proves right away that she can handle herself just fine. It also helps that she's telepathic. She reads the minds of an unsavory couple at the restaurant and learns they are going to hijack the vampire's blood. It's a powerful drug for humans, making them feel more "healthy." Horrified, Sookie vows to protect the vampire.

She follows the couple into the parking lot and attacks them with a chain. For a sweet little Southern girl, Sookie sure knows how to fight! She is also able to prevent the vampire from, uh, dying? What happens when a vampire loses all of his blood? Maybe he just disappears in a puff of smoke? Does he shrivel up out of existence?

The vampire introduces himself as Bill (Stephen Moyer). Sookie finds that hilarious and jokes about such a mundane name. And really, don't a lot of bloodsuckers from films and novels have ancient sounding names? Sookie and Bill's budding relationship is strained, and the vampire can't seem to figure out what Sookie is. "What are you," he asks pointedly. And Sookie, of course, says she's just a waitress (and fails to mention her mind-reading abilities).

Meanwhile, Sookie's brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets accused of killing a a fang banger - one who sleeps with bloodsuckers. In the episode's most graphic scene Jason has sex with the fang banger, and later she is found dead. The videotaped sexcapade ends up with the police, and Jason seems like the guilty party.

While Sookie frets over her brother's predicament, she sets up a meeting with Bill. There are some things she would like to talk to him about. And surely her dream about Bill seducing her is fresh on her mind. The episode ends with the disgruntled couple from the bar attacking Sookie - retribution for spoiling their vampire blood hijacking scheme. Surely Bill will come to the rescue in episode two.

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Story by Noelle Talmon
Starpulse.com contributing writer