True Blood is great in a lot of ways, but sometimes you wonder if it'll ever give the audience a chance to breath. Even when the cast moves back to the currently calm world of Bon Temps, it doesn't really let up for more than a few moments. Having an adrenaline rush for an entire hour is intense! Last week the episode ended with Sookie screaming her head off at Bill, and Anna Paquin has some major pipes on her, because every scream she does is just earsplitting. Eventually she shoos everyone out of the room and she and Bill break up for real this time. Of course everyone knows it won't actually be for good, psh, but it seems sincere enough and very emotional. He wants her to have a real life, she's kind of freaked out about him trying to kill her, and they agree to move on. This reminded me a great deal of the Buffy/Angel break up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because he had the same reasons for breaking up after almost drinking her to death. Just saying.

Everyone moves on back to Bon Temps and tries to pick up the pieces. Sookie knows that she's only safe for so long before Russell comes after her, and Eric sends a message with her cousin to tell her not to trust Bill and be ready. She has a fight with Tara about Bill, where Tara over-emotes about her insane Franklin situation but says a lot of truths too. Sookie also says farewell to handsome, sweet tempered werewolf Alcide and they have a moment. Bill tries to kick Jessica out of the house because he's being very dramatic, and she breaks down crying about how she doesn't know anything. This leads to an adorable few scenes of the two of them bonding. Bill is always more likable when he's not around Sookie, strangely enough, and Jessica especially brings out the sweetness in him. They bond over shared problems with human lovers, and he trains her to kill werewolves.

Psychotic Debbie is not happy about them "killing her Cooter," and Russell agrees to let her come with him to get Sookie. She's not to be killed, but Debbie can mess her up a little. Talbot sulks about him leaving again, so Eric volunteers to stay and keep him company. Keep him company meaning lots of naked gay sex, of course, as everyone knows. It's rather daring to allow a male potentially romantic lead be involved in a sex scene with another guy, even if it does end up the way it does. Mostly this is all set up for when Russell and his wolves eventually show up at Sookie's house for a showdown. Sookie's upstairs with her shotgun, waiting for Debbie, and the other two wolves are taken out by Bill and Jessica. While Sookie and Debbie have a slap fight upstairs, Russell takes Jessica hostage and Bill tries to goad the King into letting her go. It works, but he's in some trouble. Until back in Mississippi Eric is having sex with Talbot and stakes him through the heart as revenge for his family. Wooooo boy, not the brightest idea, Eric. Russell panics and flies home. Sookie's safe for now. She celebrates by having wild violent sex with Bill. Sigh.

Crystal comes to Jason's house for help and they hook up. He promises to protect her, and then goes to her incesty town to threaten Calvin Norris with a gun to stay away from his own daughter. He also sees one of them eating a deer while naked. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the whole community are weres, considering Sam and his brother also sniff out that Calvin is a were, and he knows that Sam is a shifter immediately. It's sad to see Cal Norris turned into a druggie villain, since in the books he's a great and subtle character, but whatever. Meanwhile Lafayette's mother shows up to protect him, and he sees Jesus again. They flirt about Lafayette having power and then make out again, which is nice for him. Sam's brother is violent and keeps picking fights with people, and when Sam suggests he go to college, he's like 'say what?' Oh Sam. You have no idea what you're getting into.

Next week: Eric's in trouble. Pam's in trouble. Everyone's in trouble. Russell looks mad. The Authority apparently shows up to cause trouble.

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.