True Blood is known for its sex, blood, and violence, and it has occasionally dipped into blending the three, but never quite as directly as last week's episode. The two sex scenes were both strange, awkward, and in one case, bordering abusive/violent. The past few months have not been kind to most of the characters, so it's not that surprising one by one they seem to be losing their minds.

It starts off right where the last one left off, with a werewolf in Sookie's house and her firing a gun at it. Eric jumps in front of the bullet though, claiming they need information from the guy, and he allowed the wolf to drink off him in exchange. The wolf gets frenzied instead and refuses, but Sookie manages to get the word "Jackson" from his mind before Eric kills him. That house is never going to stop drowning in blood, is it? Eric figures out Jackson is probably Mississippi, and since Sookie's focused on getting herself killed no matter what, he decides to help her. That includes sending one strapping handsome man by the name of Alcide, who looks kind of like Wolverine only he smiles a lot more. All the ladies in the audience are excited for another pretty face, and who can blame them?

Alcide takes Sookie to Mississippi and gets her into a werewolf bar, as he's one himself, and he knows the parts because he used to date one of the women there. Sookie finds one of the wolves who took Bill, but she nearly gets herself raped by him, and Alcide comes to the rescue. His friend tells Alcide his ex, Debbie, is getting married to Cooter, the leader of King Russell's werewolf tribe. So that'll probably come together pretty soon. She's having her engagement party the next day in that same bar. Looks like Sookie and Alcide will be wedding crashers.

The fire Bill set on Lorena is put out and King Russell is none too pleased wtih his bad manners. He advises Bill to take the deal and become his Sheriff or Sookie will pay the price for it. This leads Bill to remember when he was newly turned and decided to go home. His son died of the pox, and he was reunited with his wife briefly until she saw his blood tears and asked what happened. This snaps her completely, and Lorena tells him to erase his mind and accept he can't ever connect with mortals again. He decides to take Russell's offer, which makes Lorena angry since Sookie's off the hook now, and she confronts him in his room. Bill just completely loses his mind and screams he'll never love her, and then proves this by ... having sex with her? I'm not sure how much of a mixed message that is. It does seem to be violent and rape-ish, although she doesn't seem to mind. The really creepy part of this is when he twists her head completely around so he doesn't have to look at her face, and she spits out blood and tells him she loves him.

So. Messed. Up. And technically cheating. Way to go, Bill! There goes your relationship!

Tara has a new lover named Franklin, the British vampire from before, and they also engage in strange Tantric-like sex with lots of odd noises. He refuses to bite her because she wants to, great you've got another winner here Tara, and when he starts to ask about her she runs off. It turns out Sookie bought Eggs a proper funeral and goes to it with Tara, which is very sweet, and Tara agrees to come back to the house. Franklin shows up later after speaking to Baby Vampire Jessica about Bill Compton. He stole Sookie's files from last week and the dead body underground. He makes Tara let him in. Alright hold on a second, right there. The whole point of being invited in is they're not supposed to be able to force people to let them in. No other vamp has used their powers to get invited in so far, and they've definitely needed to, so this is either crap or they better have a good explanation for it.

Jason decides he's going to be a police officer, but it takes him less than an episode to remember he's stupid and can't pass the test, and freak out after talking to Tara. So he's back to moping around feeling guilty. Arlene finds out she's pregnant with Rene's baby instead of Terry, and when she starts to tell him he assumes it is his. She lets him. Oh that's going to be bad. Eric gives Lafayette a car because he likes him, and wants to do more business with him. Pam has sex with the Estonian dancer, and thinks Jessica is an idiot. Sam's family comes to visit him at work, and they proceed to be ridiculous and get drunk. Except for his sweet mother, who does seem to be trying. Later that night he sees a hawk breaking in. It could be his brother ... but wouldn't it be more interesting as the mother? She's the only nice one of that family, but it would be more devastating if she was looking to mess with Sam because of that.

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST, but it's off for two weeks due to the 4th of July. Enjoy the holiday! Try not to think of Lorena's creepily twisted head!