There's something very depressing about watching one of the best characters on True Blood spend an entire episode preparing for his death. Now obviously Eric Northman is going nowhere, but there was a genuine sadness to seeing him make preparations anyway. Meanwhile everyone's going crazy as always and no one knows what Russell is going to do next. And humans hate vampires more than ever again. Good thing the weres are still hidden in this world, or they'd have to deal with this too. Oh! And Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy.

That's right, they start the episode with her revealing the fact she's a fairy. She says that's lame, but girl, you better go read some real fae stories right now and rethink that. They're always powerful, ruthless, and old in a way that makes vampires look like naughty children. Bill tells her that all the fairies are dead because vampires killed all of them; they're irresistible to vamps (and other supes, honestly). This of course freaks Sookie out because it would mean Bill and everyone else that has shown interest in her is all about the fairy blood, but Bill guarantees her he loves her for her. He may be telling the truth about that, but he's still lying to her about why he met her in the first place, so that's going to bite him in the butt for real. Eric shows up to try and say goodbye and force him to tell Sookie the truth, and then runs off to mope and get yelled at by Pam. Eventually Sookie makes her way to Fangtasia and Eric kisses the hell out of her. Wow, it has to be said, that was a pretty passionate kiss. Pam tells Eric to use her against Russell, and he refuses because he totally loves her secretly (because of fairy blood?), and then changes his mind when she brings up his beloved Godric. So he throws Sookie in the dungeon. Oooh that won't go over well.

Everyone's hanging out at Jason's house this week, since Sookie is hiding from Russell and Tara just saw Franklin get blown to bits in front of her. They "clean up" after Franklin's death very poorly and then Tara sees Bill and freaks out. She tells Sookie more of the truth about what happened to her, including being taped and kidnapped and raped, and how Bill didn't lift a finger to help her. That's a very reasonable thing to hate him about, Sookie. Tara gets close to throwing an ultimatum out at her best friend. Then she mourns with Jason and he goes through like five cases of PTSD all at once, and she kisses him like she's always wanted to. Jason does one of the few decent things left and tells her he killed Eggs, but honestly sometimes you don't need to tell everyone everything, Jason. Because now Tara's going crazy again in an all new way and it'll come down on your head, handsome. Jason follows this up by being awesome when Bill yells at him for losing Sookie, and he revokes Bill's invitation. YEAH. Then Jason finds out that Crystal is a werepanther. Nice. Intense day for him, huh?

Meanwhile in other stories Hoyt breaks up with Summer and declares his love for Jessica. She's shaken up because people put a burning cross outside her house, and she's been flirting with Tommy Merlotte. But Tommy attacks Hoyt outside and she saves him with vampire blood and tells him she loves him. Speaking of the Merlottes, Sam flashes back from his angry attack to the time he killed two people. Woooow, way to go dark with the sweetest character on the show! He was a jewel thief to get money for Merlotte's and then his girlfriend betrayed her, and he accidentally shot her. But actively shot to death her boyfriend. He gets all guilty over beating up Cal and everyone's being weird around him for it. Guess there's a Mickens in Sam somewhere.

Lafayette decides to save Cal because he might not survive getting to the hospital and gives him V. Cal really hates that because he's a werepanther and weres hate vampire stuff. Jesus gets intrigued by the V and even though he was like ew drug dealer before, now he's like let's do it together. So they get high and look through Jesus' past somehow and he's got black magic blood just like Lafayette. So he is something of a witch! Also Arlene spends most of the episode being awful, and as usual she has the kindest guy in town loving her. She finally tells Terry the baby isn't him, good for her, and he proves to be as awesome as we expect by saying he wants to take care of her and the baby anyhow. I'll admit, it made me tear up a bit. Terry is so well done. But Arlene wants to lose the baby and goes to wiccan Holly for help. Uh oh! Meanwhile psychotic Russell gets a male prostitute that looks kind of like Talbot and murders him so he can be with his imaginary lover while he dies. Greeeat.

Only two more episodes left, and the showdown between Eric and Russell seems to be coming up. Maybe everyone will band together to help like they did with Maryann!

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.