Sookie Stackhouse is one piece of work. No matter how much information she receives telling her that her vampire lover Bill is not good for her - even from his own mouth - she refuses to listen to it. It's a single minded obsessive love that can get grating, but it's difficult not to respect her for at least trying to be proactive about it. Last episode Bill led King Russell and his people right to Sookie, and now she's in his hands. Bill tries to save her and manages to stake one of Russell's guards, but he's no match for the ancient vampire and gets his butt handed to him. Russell tells Lorena it is her duty to kill Bill, and Sookie loses her mind for like the 20th time this season. She really should be paying more attention to her own life at the moment.

Eric refuses to let his affection for Sookie get in the way of saving Pam and getting close to Russell, who we saw that last week is responsible for his whole family's death when he was a mortal. She's all annoyed that he's not worshiping her, but honestly did you see what happened to Bill, Sookie? It'd be suicide. Russell and Sookie have a sit down where they discuss what she is, and it has to be said that Denis O'Hare, the actor playing Russell, does a superb job here. He's just perfectly menacing and interesting and funny, playing along with Sookie's question and answer game as far as he feels like it. He points out that Bill has been studying her by showing the family tree, and he gets pretty quickly that Sookie knows absolutely nothing about nothing. That'll keep her alive a bit longer, until he knows what the deal is.

The next morning though Tara breaks Sookie out. She seduces Franklin the night before and drinks his blood so he'll let go of her ropes. Then she bashes his head in (eeeeeeek!) and tries to rescue Sookie. Who refuses to leave Bill, even after Tara says he didn't help her. Oh all these red flags, Sookie, but you don't care! Tara meets up with Alcide who asks where Sookie is, and Tara doesn't take the chance to check out how very delicious Alcide is in the process. Sookie's already broken into the slave cabin where Bill has been held by Lorena. He and Lorena have a very cliche Anne Rice-like conversation, and she tortures him while she sobs, and then she lets Debbie and Coot drink from him. When Sookie comes in, Lorena throws her up against the wall and bites her. That'll show you!

Eric and Russell take a trip to see Sophie-Anne, and Eric swears allegiance to Russell while flirting with him openly. He also threatens to rip Sophie-Anne's head off, and she agrees to the wedding. Now go and save Pam already! Meanwhile back in Bon Temps it's kind of boring, but let's talk about it anyway. Lafayette and Jesus are adorable, but when Jesus figures out Lafayette is a drug dealer, he gets upset and walks away. Aw. Hopefully that's not the end of it. Jessica drinks a rude customer right under Arlene's nose. Sam figures out his redneck parents are forcing little brother Tommy into a dog fighting competition. Apparently the mother used to do it until her back was too ripped up. Oh wow that's just awful. Way to make us actually care about little Tommy, show. Jason flirts with Crystal some more and they make out in the woods, but she runs away. He finds her the next day but it seems like she's engaged. How very tragic love tale of them.

This week: Sookie almost dies, Bill looks like he's breaking up with her again, and what about Pam?! Save her!

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