True Blood is really getting gruesome this season. This isn't to say that it has never been bloody and violent before, just think about Sam ripping out Maryann's heart, but it's been more consistent lately. They've replaced the lack of sex with violence. Last week's episode gave one more gigantic hurdle for Sookie and Bill to overcome, a look at fairy nymph land (WTF says everyone), and Tara's back to her badass take-no-prisoners way. Huzzah for that!

Lorena is draining Sookie and she asks the usual question "What are you?" to her, which gives the almost dead Bill enough time to put silver around her neck. He holds her down for Sookie and demands she murder Lorena. Sookie hesitates, until Lorena says she loves Bill, and then she gets real trashy on her (like usual) and screams and stabs her through the heart. Lorena explodes into blood and guts, ew, like Long Shadow did in season one. My stomach is a-turning. Bill's out, so Tara and Alcide come running in and Sookie insists they save him. The other two reluctantly accept that Sookie is a crazy person, but as they start to move him Debbie comes in. She freaks out a lot, hyped up on drugs and holding a gun, and Sookie distracts her long enough for Tara to push her down. Coot comes in and starts to change so Alcide shoots him twice, once right in the head. Oooo, Coot, we barely knew thee. Debbie puts some werewolf curse on him, and he doesn't shoot her even though he (and everyone) knows she'll be back to cause trouble. They run.

Sookie's in the back with Bill and tries to feed him her blood, and the audience screams because they can almost feel the problem this is going to be in a few minutes. Oh look. Surprise. Bill's mindless with blood lust and grabs Sookie and drinks her until she's basically bled dry. Tara and Alcide catch him, and Tara does the obvious thing and kicks him into the sunlight. For some reason that we better get an answer to, Bill doesn't burst into flame and just slowly kind of burns, and he runs off. Maybe he's so flush with Sookie's blood it takes a little while longer for him to die? Interesting. So Sookie's definitely dying and she has no blood type so they can't give her a transfusion. Apparently Jason's blood won't help either, and he shows up with Lafayette.

Everyone's there being anxious and worried over Sookie, but she's partying down in her mind because she's in fairy nymph land where everyone's in toga dresses and dancing and enjoying the crazy light-water. The light-water reminds me of Lost, anyone else? Claudine, an Irish lady who speaks to Sookie, says she can stay with them always. She encourages Sookie to come toward the light. Ruh roh. Except Bill is there and Jason lets him give her blood, so the nymphs all freak out and say he's going to steal Sookie's "light." Oooookay. That was like a drug trip, but in Sookie's defense, she was dying and delirious. She comes back and screams at Bill, because duh.

Eric, Russell, and Sophie-Anne go to save Pam. YAY PAM. Russell insists the Magister marries them, although he refuses and keeps talking about the Authority he works for. Russell recognizes no authority and talks a lot about how he's the new power in town, and then loses his temper and beheads the Magister after he does marry them. Well that's intense. Two dead bodies in one episode, not bad. This guy means serious business, be careful Eric. Eric also uses Sookie's cousin Hadley to find out what Sookie is, and drains her. Does he heal Hadley at the end or drain her? Hmmm. Meanwhile back in normal world, Hoyt has a new girlfriend, and Sam catches his brother before another dog rips him apart. He convinces Tommy to walk away from his evil family. The boy does, smart for the first time ever. Tommy's growing on me, but I'm sure he'll do something stupid before too long.

The one thing you can always count on this show for is never letting up for a moment. One crazy thing happens after another! Next week: Sookie and Bill probaby break up. For real. Honestly at this point who can blame them? He sent her to fairy delirious land, even if it was somewhat reasonable with him dying and all, but he's also been studying her for Sophie-Anne too. And what was up with fairy nymph land? We'll have to wait and see!

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.