So in True Blood Eric's plan for Sookie and Russell comes to fruition, and it's a little anti-climatic but it works too. The little hints about Sookie's abilities and what her blood means as a fairy did come full circle here. And while it's hard to say if Eric sacrificing himself means he's forgiven for locking her in a dungeon and draining her, it does head in the right direction. Plus, it seems like the slow death of the Sookie/Bill relationship might finally come about. Yay! (Sorry, shipper fans).

Bill comes looking for Sookie and gets a faceful of silver pepper spray from Pam for the effort. Sookie's let out by Yvette, so she doesn't stay down there for long, and then they take Pam down. Oh no, Pam! Yvette eventually cleans out the money and leaves, and Pam lets Eric know that Sookie and Bill are gone. Bill lies some more about everything, and then there's a rather sweet scene with Sookie and Bill when they talk about a fantasy world where they start over without all of this crap. She's a real estate agent and went to college, and he's a third grade teacher who loves his job. Moments like those make Bill a really tragic figure, but since he's a lying liar (as everyone will no doubt see in the finale), those moments are fleeting. It is a sad scene, actually, since they both know that's never going to happen. She honestly talks about her feelings for Eric, both about the blood but also about the man she saw in him when Godric died and how that matters. Then they're attacked by Russell and Eric.

Eric tells Russell why he murdered Talbot, and he offers Russell the vampire dream: the ability to walk in the sun. We saw this with Bill after he drained Sookie, so Sophie-Anne's interest in her starts to make sense. Russell is interested enough to not kill him for a few minutes. They get Sookie and drain her, first Eric and then Russell so Eric can prove he can walk in the sun. He does, but he starts to burn and hides it from the camera. He and Pam had a beautiful farewell that just proves how wonderful the relationships between sire and child can be if you're not Lorena and Bill. Russell goes outside and realizes too late that the sun will eventually kill him and Eric. Eric handcuffs him, and they wait to die together. Pam sobs bloody tears inside, and Bill begs over and over to be let go so he can save Sookie who is bleeding out.

Jason is freaked out about Crystal being a werepanther, but after finding out everyone does V in the town anyway, he doesn't care anymore. She wants to stop the police raid on her town and he reluctantly agrees to go along with it. Also, the guy she was going to marry is her half-brother. Good times. Tara confronts Andy about Eggs' death, and he admits to everything and they have a serious conversation about it, and it's rather touching. Then she gets very drunk and sleeps with a slowly unraveling Sam. He's just losing it left and right, being drunk and yelling at everyone and shutting the bar and kicking Tommy out. Tommy looks like a kicked puppy and begs Sam to not do it, which is really rather tragic even if the kid is annoying. Then Tommy is seen breaking into Sam's vault.

Arlene tries to give up the baby with the help of Holly, but apparently the Goddess believes the baby should be born. She thinks she miscarries, and Terry is a wreck, but it turns out the baby is fine and he's delighted. She's freaked out. Lafayette is having weird aftershocks from the V, and keeps seeing demons and little statues talk to him. Gross. Also Jessica tells Hoyt that she killed someone, and that she wants to drink human blood. He offers her his, and it's creepily romantic. And his mom is the one that sent the girl after him in the first place. Is that everyone? Alright. So coming into the season finale, which is in two weeks, Sookie is bleeding out, Eric is burning to death in the sun, and it looks like Sookie might meet Sophie-Anne for the first time. And find out that Bill has been tracking her for his Queen the entire time. Let's see how well that goes over.

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