Finally, finally, finally Bill Compton shows his true colors on "True Blood." Maybe sometimes he can be lovey dovey and adorable with Sookie, but he can also be a snake in the grass who is desperately obsessed with his fairy-blood girlfriend. This finale was about a lot of secrets being revealed all at once, which makes it perfect for them to clean everything up and start anew next season. And what was up with Russell being even funnier during his last episode on screen? Apparently a charred face just ups the comedy value.

So, Sookie is saved by Eric and she immediately runs out to the sunlight to save Eric. She uses her fairy powers on the handcuffs so Russell goes flying, but Eric's had a change of heart because Vampire Jesus aka Godric has come to him. He begs for forgiveness. But Eric's being a rebellious teenager in this episode so instead he wants to make Russell suffer even more. Sookie accomplishes that but flushing Talbot's remains down the sink, which ew, and has this creepy little happy laugh while doing it. Eric and Bill bury Russell in cement with silver around him so he'll suffer probably for a hundred years or so before coming back, angrier than ever. Uh, Eric? Probably better to just kill him, honey. A century is like a blink of an eye to vamps. Anyway then Bill does a heel turn and throws Eric in too, burying him the same way, and calls in a hit on Pam. What!

Bill then goes back to Sookie, who got some cuteness with Alcide earlier in the episode. Honey, he might be your best bet at this point. Anyway, Bill tells her he killed everyone who knows that she's a fairy because she's addicted and they'll probably all kill her eventually. Which honestly isn't that romantic, if that's what they're trying to sell us, because instead: creepy. And almost like he's a crack addict who wants to hoard her all to himself. It's just weird. He goes to leave but bam, Eric's standing outside. Covered in cement, which is kind of a good look for him. He tells Sookie the truth finally: Bill was sent to procure her by Sophie-Anne, and he intentionally let those hicks from the first season beat the crap out of her so he could feed her his blood and bind her to him. Even if Bill's emotions from there have been genuine, this all began with a lie and who is to say all of Sookie's feelings are completely genuine if it started with blood and lies? So she tells him off powerfully, and then Eric too, and decides to go hang with the fairies. For real. She takes their invitation, and disappears from Bon Temps. Oooo.

Oh and Bill goes back to his house and Sophie-Anne is there. She wants Sookie, but he says no and he's going to kill her. She basically laughs at him, but they prepare to fight all Matrix-style by flying at each other. Eric and Pam are covered in cement but both alive, so yay for them. Hoyt asks Jessica to fake marry him and gets a house for them, which is cute, but there's this ominous baby doll in the next room which is creepy for no discernible reason. Also his mother and ex-girlfriend tried to intervene with him and now are buying guns. I'm foreseeing a classic scene where she tries to shoot Jessica and Hoyt dies instead. I hope not. Sam tells Tara that he's a shifter and then tracks down his little brother into the woods, ignores him asking for help, and maybe shoots him. Whoa. Really dark place, Sam.

Terry is as always too nice for this show, and cries about how happy he is and how he's scared of that. Oh Terry. I just want to hug you and protect you forever. Lafayette is still seeing things everywhere, including blood on Sam's hands and Rene hanging around Arlene, and Jesus comes to get him. He says he's going to train him as a witch, because he's seeing truths now and he has to get it under control. Nice. Lafayette seems okay with this. Tara by the way realizes everyone in her life is supernatural and her mother is a ho and she just says goodbye to everyone and drives off. Hopefully she'll come back more badass again, because they've really made a victim out of her and that's just sad. Jason tries to save the inbred town, but Calvin Norris gets shot (OMG) by his son, and he steals Crystal away. Jason agrees to protect the entire town now. Uh. Somehow.

So! Things that are of interest for next season: Where the heck did Sookie go? Did the Queen kill Bill? Will Pam ever get the cement out of her hair? How is Jason going to take care of the town? Is Tara coming back? How many supernatural creatures does Alan Ball plan to bring on this show? Until next year, we're just going to have to speculate ourselves. Have a great year dancing in fairy land, Sook!