A very shocking fact: True Blood only has three more episodes left. Has this season flown by considerably fast, or is that just me? I was starting to wonder what the ending of this season was going to start resembling, and luckily by the end of the last episode, it all started to become clear. This deviates from the books considerably, but so does the rest of the show so not very surprising. In some ways, it's more interesting, because it speaks to a grander world-wide level of insanity that this insular show usually ignores. We haven't left Bon Temps or the southern area very often, but this is going to show changes all throughout the entire world. Everything got very, very real all of a sudden.

Sookie and Bill are the least interesting parts of the show this week, which is fine since everyone's kind of exhausted about them by now. They have made up and make out in the shower while washing blood off them, and she asks him about the files he has on her. He lies through his teeth about looking up info on her due to Eric, what a lying liar Bill Compton is, and she eats it up without question. Then he meets Claudine in fairy land somehow and wakes up knowing what Sookie is. She also meets her cousin Hadley's son who is a telepath like her, and that freaks Hadley out so he steals him away to hide him from Russell and the others. That's about it for them.

Eric has the major storyline this week since he gets back from murdering Talbot and the Authority is waiting for him. Nan Flanagan in particular is there to investigate the death of the Magister. He spills all of the information about Russell, including the werewolves and his background with him and what happened to Sophie-Anne and the others. Both him and Pam are panicking most of this episode, and they have some very sweet and emotional moments between the two of them. Eric is convinced he is going to die, and tells Pam to become a maker. Nan then says the Authority is washing their hands of the situation and he can go kill Russell if he wants to. He's like 'I'm badass but that guy is crazy old' and she's like 'figure it out anyway, laterz.'

Little does she know that insane Russell is watching and thinks the Authority may have been who killed Talbot or something insane like that. It's hard to tell where his mind is at since he's doing the crazy eyes all over the place and has an urn with Talbot's entrails inside. So Russell goes on TV when they're talking about the equal rights vote coming up, murders the news reporter by tearing out his spine, and then basically tells the world that vampires want to kill all of them and be afraid, be very afraid. Whoops. The vampire league is in real trouble now. Or all vampires are, because that sounds like a good reason for humans to get on the offensive and start burning them down as if this was a declaration of war. Ruh roh. That was an intense end of the episode, and now the entire peace between humans and vampires is about to be destroyed. Nice.

Meanwhile, Sam realizes how he is not prepared for his snippy, angry little brother. He runs around naked and has wild sex and is aggressive toward everyone. Sam takes out his fury on Calvin Norris, who comes in to take Crystal away. Her fiance shows up and they knock him out, tie him up, but a police officer is almost killed when he goes looking for the tied up werepanther. I mean "Hotshot occupant." Is there anyone who doesn't know they're weres at this point? Seriously. Anyway Crystal freaks out because Sam beats her daddy bloody, and she tells Jason to stop trying to control her. Jason gets a chance to be a hero for someone when psychotic Franklin Mott shows back up about to kill Tara. Jason shoots him dead with a wooden bullet. Go Jason. But we'll miss Franklin, what a crazy hilarious bastard. Go Tara for standing up to him though!

She got that strength from going to a help group where we learn a little more about new waitress Holly, who is a rape survivor and everyone seems to like her. She talks Arlene down about the serial killer baby. Also Jessica and Hoyt talk out their issues, and it's all very sad, and Tommy comforts her. Lafayette and Jesus are being ridiculous cute which means something awful is going to happen any day now. Tara is happy for her cousin even if it hurts her, and it seems like even Lafayette's mom is happy about them. Jesus is going to die or be evil evil evil. So in general things are getting worse, just as they're apt to do in Bon Temps. Only three episodes left!

True Blood is on HBO every Sunday night at 9 PM EST.