True Blood, what did we ever do without you in our life? It's so good to have the show back, and they're wasting no time before blowing the audience's collective mind. Previously on the show, Bill was kidnapped, Sookie was freaking out, Tara was committing suicide because Eggs is dead, Jason was guilty because he killed Eggs, Eric was in trouble because of the illicit V selling thanks to Sophie-Anne, and Jessica had killed a man. Sucks to be basically everyone on this show! The last thing we saw was Bill taking on a wolfpack.

The episode starts right up there, with Bill covered in blood and ripping off an ear from a werewolf. Messed up. It's good to be reminded that Bill can be ruthless and a badass when he wants to be, and a southern gentleman too like when he was nice to the old lady last week. His blood bath is interrupted when the King of Mississippi, Russell, shows up on a freaking horse. Vampires don't need horses, because they run so fast, but he apparently thinks why not since he owns the whole state. The werewolves are working for him. He and his lover Talbot have taken Bill hostage, and they give him a nice fancy room and nice clothes and feed him a three course blood meal (the blood gelato is my favorite part). Russell wants to marry Sophie-Anne and plans to offer Bill a Sheriff-dom if he gives them some dirt. Obviously her selling V blood will probably come into this and give her a reason to marry the very, very gay vampire and join their two states together. Bill's not too pleased about it, but Russell threatens Sookie. Then Lorena shows up and Bill gets all kinds of awesome as he sets her on fire. Ha ha ha!

And what is Sookie doing? Freaking out as usual. She shows Eric the werewolf symbol she found off the guy in the car, and he says he has no idea what it is. They have a few great emotional scenes in this episode, for all you Sookie/Eric fans, and one of them includes here where she starts to cry and he begs her not to. Sookie finds Jason at the house and they try to clean up the mess there together. They talk about what other supernatural creatures could exist (SANTA? asks Jason hilariously). He promises to ask Andy for help, because the werewolves are after Sookie now, and he's very sweet and supportive of her and Bill. Jason's really changed the most of all the characters on this show, while still staying the same where it counts. Eventually a werewolf shows up at Merlotte's but Sookie and Terry run him off. Eric comes to her house that night and says he's there to protect her, and tells her about the wolves. Apparently they're old and hardcore, this gang at least, and dangerous. He used to hunt them with Godric (Godric in a cameo for the win!). He flirts with her some more and sulks about her engagement to Bill, and then senses a werewolf inside. She invites him in due to his urgency, and then shoots a gun at the wolf.

Jessica is uncertain what to do about the body now that it is very, very, very dead. She asks Pam's advice and the older vampire gives her ideas about a chainsaw. Bill should so have explained this crap to Jessica, as everyone knows, but he's too busy obsessing over Sookie. Hoyt and Jessica continue to be the sweetest relationship on the show, but she can't deal with him now that there's a dead body in the way. She's surprised to find the body completely gone however. It may have to do with the fact another person was in Bill's house looking at files on Sookie, and his name is unknown at this point. I can reveal it is Franklin, played by the wonderful James Frain. He meets Tara and helps her beat up some rednecks making fun of Eggs. Looks like Tara's going to move from suicidal to sleeping with the dead. Not that we can blame her. Franklin's as sexy as most vampires.

Tara's suicide attempt comes to nothing and Lafayette screams at her for daring to try and leave him alone. He brings her to a hospital to meet his mother, who she thought was dead apparently, and she's crazy and vicious and racist. He says that they've got crazy in the family, and Tara has to fight back. They also meet the handsome Jesus, who flirts a little with Lafayette and is taking care of his mother. Jason and Andy spend the episode arguing again over Jason not coming out about his murdering ways, and he's annoyed that Andy is getting all this fame for it. He gets drunk and Andy takes him to a meth lab in the cop car. Jason sees a beautiful blond woman running away, and then tackles a drug dealer. He looks pretty psyched about this. Oh and Arlene is still being anxious about being pregnant and ignoring Terry's unbelievable sweetness. Awww.

Next week: Alcide! If you don't know who that is, he's a main character from the book series and a werewolf. He's a semi-love interest for Sookie, but he's got his own agenda.

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.