HBO has provided some incredible television for their hard working (and high paying) customers, but it's rare that a show catches fire the way True Blood has. This show achieved critical acclaim from the beginning, with people promising that Alan Ball has created more than just 'another vampire show,' and each season grew in popularity and viewership. Season three has premiered to high numbers, and with the momentum it has, it has a real chance of becoming the best rated show HBO has ever had. Does it deserve this? Hell yes. The marketing is brilliant but it does not lie; True Blood is back and better than ever!

At the end of last season Maryann the maenad was finally murdered during her ritual by Sam Merlotte, and this whole ordeal persuaded him to start looking into his background and who he is. There was a lot of soul searching done for all members of the cast, including Sookie and Bill, who contemplated marriage and the complications that could come around for a vampire and a human. Bill asked, Sookie left to go to the bathroom and think, but by the time she asked, he was gone. Jason came back from his church brainwashing a new man, ready to be a hero for his town and this led him to shoot a broken Eggs in the back of the head. Eggs realized what he'd done under Maryann's power - thanks to Sookie - and confessed to Andy, brandishing a weapon at him. Jason, thinking Andy was in danger, shot Eggs. Andy told Jason to run and took the blame for the kill himself. So now Tara's lost her boyfriend who she loved and has all that messed up confusion about Maryann and the murders he committed (and the bad things she did) because of the maenad. Eric and the Queen were conspiring to sell vampire blood for the moolah, and Bill found out about it. Godric died (tear!). Jessica and Hoyt were adorable but she got a taste for human blood and snacked on a trucker. Long story made short: everything went crazy!

Because this episode is so hectic and so many things happen, it's better to separate the packed 55 minutes into specific storylines. So the big story would be that Bill is kidnapped and Sookie is losing her mind with worry. No one will listen to her or help her find Bill. She reports his disappearance to a very, very naked Eric (niiiiiice), but he's more freaked out because he was supposed to capture Bill himself and now he's gone. Eventually Jessica 'hears' her maker and is able to bring Sookie to the wreckage of his car. Bill was kidnapped by vampire blood drinkers who almost drained him, and he caused a car accident. He drank from the nearest old lady but being the southern gentleman he is, he gives her some sweet hope and money before running off into the night. But his kidnappers are more than just druggies - they're werewolves! They have brought him to Mississippi, and the last scene is of the wolves surrounding him in the night. Note: after the episode they did a great little blip about the real trained wolves they used for all the werewolf stuff this season. Brilliant!

Tara is in a crazy downspiral for the entire episode because Eggs is dead. She refuses to believe he's a serial killer at first, until Sookie admits she helped him remember everything. She tries to beat Sookie down, and Lafayette carries her away. He has to call her momma, because he has two jobs and can't watch her 24/7, but of course her mother is a moron. She calls the minister to come, and since they both reassure her she'll never, ever get away from her mother now, it's no surprise when Tara goes into the bathroom and tries to commit suicide. Lafayette breaks in and tries to get her to vomit it all up. Needless to say, he's in a bad mood because he has to sell all the V he has and fast. Why? Because the Magister is asking questions about why there is more V being sold every day, and he clearly suspects Sophie Anne and/or her bestest pal Eric. Both of them lie while sort of implicating the other, and she tells him to move the product immediately. Eric loses most of his cool for this episode, which is interesting to see. So Lafayette has to sell the blood and fast.

Sam has tracked down his family but he hits a dead end when a young mechanic tells him they have moved on. Except he's not that stupid and figures out the mechanic may lead him straight to his parents. Sam has a brother! A cute one too, although he looked a bit snide. Sam also is experiencing the after effects of drinking Bill's blood because he has an amazing sex dream about him. All the women in the audience: REWIND! It was shot like a bad porn and completely hilarious, so there better be bloopers. Meanwhile Andy tells Jason to act like normal and sleep with women, but he can't because he's too freaked out about the murder. Hoyt moves in with him, and he is desperately trying to get Jessica's attention, but she's lost it because she murdered a man and now he's in the basement rotting away. Oh, and Arlene's pregnant.

Wow, how does all that happen in one episode?! It's so good to have this show back!

True Blood is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.