The Meat - The Hep V vamps wreak havoc at Bellefleur’s. Citizens and vampires are kidnapped (the former, including Arlene and Holly) and killed (the latter). Most importantly,Tara is offed (man, is she a punching bag for this show or what?) before the opening credits. The town (including her Muscle Milked werewolf) blame Sookie for everything (that’s stupid because everything is Vampire Bill’s fault, duh). Search parties are formed to try and find the missing townspeople (the ones we care about are being held in Fangtasia’s murder basement). In the morning, the survivors of the previous evening’s massacre and snatchin’ convene in Rev. Daniel’s church. Sookie shows up, reads everyone’s minds and notes they still hate her (uh, did anyone catch someone calling her the c-bomb? Harsh.), and calls them on it. She also says that no one knows vampires better than her and wants to help. Annnnddd, end scene.

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