Last night’s "True Blood" episode was promoted as the big death episode. If you saw the last episode, you might have been able to easily guess what was going to happen. It definitely didn’t feel like the “big” death. That makes me think that we have something huge coming up in the next episode. Anyway on to this episode…

Last week’s episode ended with the possessed Lafayette trying to kill Sookie. Predictably it took less than ten seconds before she was saved by a vampire, so much progress undone in seconds. Warlow called Sookie “my love.” You’ve spent literally a few hours together, cool it stage-five clinger. “Tell him to get the hell out of my life.” Poor Sookie, people either want to kill her or declare their undying love.

Learning that your dead parents tried to kill you is beyond devastating - this is definitely the beginning of a downward spiral for Sookie. It was kind of a letdown to see Eric and Pam resolve their predicament in a few seconds but it definitely spoke to their connection. I love how much power makers have over their progeny. I’ve always felt that vampires have too few weaknesses in fiction for the amount of power they have. Jason would be the most amazing vampire, too bad he’s in the wrong show for him to be the hero.

So let me get this straight. Bill goes to the guy he’s threatening, tells him to put him in a coma, and then trusts him to help him later? Dumb. I really want to ask the writers what the hell they’ve been thinking with the Sam/werewolves storyline. They must know that each scene drags down every episode. Warlow acts like such a desperate loser. He’s the opposite of most of the suave vampires on the show, it’s kind of endearing. Alcide goes to the motel…and then I blackout from boredom.

It’s SO rude that Andy kept calling him daughter #4 even after she almost died. Adalynn is a terrible name too. I don’t get why Terry is so broken up about murdering Scott Foley when Scott Foley tried to kill him first. And why wasn’t he so upset about murdering that innocent woman in Iraq in seasons 1-4? This storyline is trying way too hard to subvert our attentions on who is going to die. I hate the background in fairyland, it’s blurry and bright, which would be fine if it was only in one or two scenes. But this episodes full of these scenes and it's headache inducing. Governor Boring’s little dance is asking to be gifted. Hepatitis V. Isn’t that the name of the disease from season one that the human gave to those campy vampires?

Thank Lilith that Sam is finally rid of that child. Speaking of the little girl, her mother died so recently…let her have the freaking Funyons. Can Matt the vampire and his human husband have a web spin off? I want to know what their life is like, since apparently they have kids. Do the kids face more prejudice for having gay dads or a vampire dad? How does the vampire memory erasing work? Does Terry now not remember his entire childhood? What about his favorite color? If he only remembers that he’s a dad, husband, and cook, what else is gone?

Sarah and Jason are amazing antagonists. Governor Boring is looking for a cure, please no! There was enough of the vampire-cure BS with The Vampire Diaries. Warlow’s blood makes vampires look like a glow worm. The Copulation Study is so disturbing. That’s some Nazi sh!t right there, it’s rape. This is the moment when Sarah became a despicable villain. Big Johnny has never been on the show before, right? He dresses just like Lafayette and has never been seen before. I was expecting him to be Lafayette from the future or something; nope, just no explanation. Is Terry’s death really the death that made people weep at the table read? Am I crazy or was it barely emotional? It’s about 2 years too late for me to feel anything towards Terry. Governor Boring’s death was pretty cool. But shouldn’t the human head be harder to rip off, or at least bloodier?

Yet another Eric costume to add to the collection. He even looks good in the military getup. I love how he becomes the persona "Fantastico." Governor Boring’s long speech about the bottling factory actually had a point, I’m in shock. Well done, True Blood writers. Sookie truly must be in a major downward spiral if she’s having sex with the king of desperation, Warlow. RIP Sookie’s self-esteem.

Next on True Blood: Jason tries to save Jessica. Eric amuses the idea of Bill being God. Vampires run through a bottle factor.