After nine days in the African wild, the castaways of Survivor: Gabon were finally settling into their tribes and creating relationships with their teammates. However, you can never get too comfortable in the game of Survivor, and several members were shaken up when it was announced that they would be selecting new tribes. After being ranked the most valuable on their respective tribes, Matty and Marcus were selected as the captains for picking the new Kota and Fang. The rearrangement ended up with Ace, Crystal, GC, Kelly, Ken, Matty, and Jacquie on the new Fang tribe and Bob, Charlie, Corrine, Dan, Marcus, Randy, and Susie on the new Kota tribe. Sugar was the last to be picked, and instead of joining a team she was sent to Exile Island. Last week, Sugar found the hidden immunity idol at Exile Island, so she was able to spend her time there relaxing.

The goal of mixing up the teams was to create a fairer balance between the tribes. This did not prove to be the case when the newly formed tribes faced off at the immunity challenge. The new Kota tribe, led by three goals scored by Randy, destroyed the new Fang tribe, winning immunity. The Fang tribe, once again, was sent to tribal council. The new tribe contained four original Fang members and three former Kota members. These lines proved to hold up, as the four original Fang members got together to decide which of the new members to vote off. The new members are Ace, Kelly, and Jacquie. Ace is hard worker and strong competitor, and Kelly had formed a strong bond with her new teammates after feeling like she was on the outside of the old Kota tribe. In the end, it was Jacquie that would be eliminated, receiving 5 of the 7 votes. Only Jacquie and Ace voted for Kelly, and that sets up Ace as being on the outside in the weeks to come. When Sugar returns from Exile Island she will become a member of Fang, evening the tribes up at seven a piece.

Last week, it appeared that Fang may be coming back. This week, the shake-up resulted in Fang finding itself further behind. Would the producers mix up the teams again? My instincts say no, but there are basically no rules to what they can and can not do. With their superior tribe and numbers advantage, the original Kota members of Marcus, Charlie, Corinne, and Bob appear to have the inside track to the final four, but they must remember that the game never stops. Everything can change in just one week.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer