The premiere of Rob Lowe's Knife Fight last night was a rousing success. It was well-written, funny, and smart. One of the more enjoyable experiences I've had screening thus far at Tribeca. 

If you’re looking to rush the ticket line tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, there are a pair of powerful documentaries playing that are worth your time. the first is Planet of Snail, the story of a blind/deaf Korean man who happens to be an aspiring writer and his tiny, handicapped wife. The most heartwarming scene of all the films playing at Tribeca might just be in this film, when the couple must figure out how to change a ring lightbulb for the very first time. (Chelsea Clearview Theaters, 7pm)

Turn Off the Lights is the Roma story of three teenagers newly released from prison. The films alpha male is 18-year-old Alex, who was accused of killing his girlfriend at 14. It’s surreal to watch how he aggressively treats any one of his five girlfriends, or invites 13-year-old girls to his mates’ flat for a night of fun. All of this is filmed by Ivana Mladenovic, a Serbian woman. (Chelsea Clearview Theaters, 10pm)


The main event tonight, however, is 2 Days in New York, the Chris Rock flick that’s sure to draw a lot of rushers, so get there early. (BMCC, 9:30pm)