White Collar resumed its fourth season last night on USA. The premiere started with Neal’s father (real name: James Bennett) telling his son what led to their family entering witness protection decades earlier.

Bennett is played by Treat Williams who recently participated in a conference call with reporters. Here are the highlights:

On what’s most difficult about playing his character. “Eight-page monologues explaining my entire history with Neal. There's a lot of long walks on country roads in Vermont let me tell you.”

On if he was in on the fact he was Neal’s father from the beginning. “No I was not. And I finally - it was frustrating at first and I finally after reading the first deal I said, ‘Look these guys are such good writers I'm just going to go with the flow on this.’ And, you know, I was as excited as anybody to get the next script and find out. I didn't even know until two or three episodes in whether I was going to end up being villainous or a good guy or, you know.”

On why he wanted to join the show. “Tim Dekay and I are old friends. Tim starred with me on Everwood the first season. I thought Matt was astonishingly good in the show. I loved, you know, the quality of the work in it. And I don't think it's too often you get to play a character who is mysterious. And no one seems to know who he is or what's his next move. And that's always fun too. He's not just the dad. He's - we don't even know if he's the dad which is fun. So I think it's mostly the mystery and the quality of the show.”

And on how many episodes he’ll appear in. “You will see me on more than the season opener. I cannot remember how many I was on. But I signed on for six. And I honestly don't remember how many have been shown and I think there are at least two more before the season ends -- pretty sure.”