Cops were called to a California restaurant on Saturday night after Travis Barker allegedly threatened a paparazzo, stole his phone and slashed his car's tires, according to a report. The Blink-182 drummer was walking out of an eatery in Calabasas with a group of friends when he spotted photographers waiting for him outside.

In a video posted on Barker can be heard arguing with the men before police officers arrived on the scene.

Barker can be heard telling cops, "You know what's going on? Four of these f#*king dorks are waiting for me every time I come out." The musician was then accused of taking one of the photographer's cell phones and defacing a vehicle.

One paparazzo is heard saying, "We have our rights too, that's f#*ked up s*#t... can you find my phone please... He's got my phone. They slashed my tires."

Police confirmed they were called to the location after a vandalism complaint was made. No arrests were made and officers have yet to confirm whether the musician was involved.

Image ©PR Photos