I took a break from the movies last week, since nothing in theaters was particularly calling out to me as worthwhile. Instead I saw a release on video I wanted to catch: the new "Family Guy" "Star Wars" parody "Something Something Something Dark Side." I found "Dark Side" to be pretty hilarious, although perhaps not quite as novel as "Blue Harvest." As a lifelong "Star Wars" fan, I've always had an appreciation for shows and movies that deftly lampoon the series.

This last week in January Kristen Bell portrays a workaholic skeptical about love in the romantic comedy "When in Rome," Mel Gibson makes his return to the world of acting with his thriller "Edge of Darkness," Philip Stölzl directs the historically based "North Face," and Steve Buscemi plays a compulsive gambler in "Saint John of Las Vegas."


Beth (Kristen Bell) is a high powered working woman from New York, with little time for love. Life takes an unusual turn however, when she impulsively steals coins from a legendary fountain of love in Rome, and finds herself pursued by a number of suitors.

Mark Stephen Johnson, the man behind the super hero flops "Ghost Rider" and "Daredevil," helms this romantic comedy. David Diamond and David Weissman, who collaborated on 2009's "Old Dogs," pen the screenplay for "When in Rome."

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Couples looking for an inoffensive romantic comedy, that happens to be made by Disney Motion Picture Studios, should look no further than this film. If you like cutesy romantic stories that seem to involve some kind of pseudo magical spell uniting lovers, then you might want to see "When in Rome."


As a homicide detective, Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) has spent years working the tough streets of Boston. After Craven's daughter is murdered in his own home, he launches his own investigation into why she was killed, but the further he digs, the closer he gets to a web of government corruption and corporate conspiracy.

Australian writer Andrew Bovell teams up with "The Departed" scribe William Monahan to write the screenplay for "Edge of Darkness." Martin Campbell, who refreshed the James Bond franchise in 2006 with "Casino Royale," directs this thriller.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Conspiracy theory movie buffs looking to satisfy their craving for a solitary hero fighting cover up, should see this film. If you love Mel Gibson in roles like "Payback" where he just acts badass and takes on anyone that gets in his way, then you'll appreciate "Edge of Darkness."


In this historically based tale set in 1936, two German climbers (Benno Fürmann and Florian Lukas) hope to be the first people to tame the unconquered north face of the Eiger mountain in the Bernese Alps.

Music video director Philip Stölzl is the visionary responsible for "North Face." Stölzl also helped pen the film's screenplay along with Christoph Silber, Rupert Henning, and Johannes Naber.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Viewers that like period pieces set during the World War II era are the kind that will enjoy this historical adventure film. If you like characters that stubbornly pursue their goals in the face of danger, then you will probably like "North Face."


A compulsive gambler searching for a more normal life, John (Steve Buscemi) flees Las Vegas for a steady job at an auto insurance company in Albuquerque. Tasked with aiding in the investigation of a suspicious car accident, John is drawn against his will back to Sin City.

Hue Rhodes makes his feature length film directing debut with this wacky comedy. Rhodes pens the story with Italian writer Dante Aligheri. Starring alongside Steve Buscemi are Romany Malco, Sarah Silverman, and John Cho.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Audiences that like oddball comedies featuring a less than savory protagonist should check out this movie. If you like Steve Buscemi and Sarah Silverman then you'll probably find them funny in "Saint John of Las Vegas."

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