I saw three movies that opened theaters last week, each of which I enjoyed in a different way.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely take a peek at my review of “Kick-Ass” which received my highest praise.  Since this week is rather light at the box office, go see “Kick-Ass” if you have not already.

The sports drama “The Perfect Game” about a Mexican baseball team that becomes the first non-American team to compete in the Little League World Series is quite charming.  It comes off as a mixture of “The Mighty Ducks,” “The Bad News Bears,” and “Angels in the Outfield.”  While it does not tread into any new territory in the genre it’s a fun movie for families that provides a positive story about the Latin American community.  My grade: B+       

Derrick Borte’s film “The Joneses” about a family that works for an advertising company to covertly hock the latest consumer goods is a biting social satire that comes from a fascinating perspective.  There are definitely some funny moments, although this movie is not meant to be uproarious.  David Duchovny turns in deep performance as the emotionally conflicted father in this pretend family.  My Grade: B+    

New at the box office this week you will find the action adventure “The Losers,” the romantic comedy “The Back-up Plan,” and the nature documentary “Oceans.”   



Members of a CIA black ops team that are betrayed and left for dead, go on a mission to hunt those who targeted them for assassination. 

Sylvain White, the man behind 2007’s “Stomp the Yard,” helms this explosive action film.  Peter Berg, the writer/director for “Hancock,” teams up with James Vanderbilt to pen the screenplay for “The Losers.”    

WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Action movie junkies should be the first ones in line to see this team of soldiers seeking revenge.  If you appreciate films that involve gunfights and explosions, but still maintain a sense of humor then you should watch “The Losers.”     



On the day of her artificial insemination the perpetually single Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) meets the man of her dreams (Alex O’Loughlin).  Despite their initial spark the two lovers start to question if they are taking the proper steps towards a lasting romance.

Television producer Alan Poul directs this romantic comedy which is Jennifer Lopez’s return to the big screen from a four year hiatus.  Kate Angelo, who produced television shows like “Will and Grace” and “The Bernie Mac Show,” writes the screenplay for the film. 

WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Fans of romantic comedy genre should be expecting to see standard humor involving two people struggling to keep it together with a baby on the way.  If you have missed Jennifer Lopez since she decided to take a break from acting, you will be excited to see her return in “The Back-up Plan.”



The follow up to “Earth,” this ecological documentary shot throughout the globe is one part thriller and one part reflection on the vanishing wonders of the aquatic world.

Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud co-direct this epic documentary about the oceans.  The two wrote the script with the assistance of Christophe Cheysson, Laurent Debas, Stéphane Durand, Laurent Gaudé, and François Sarano.  Our narrator for the English version of the film is actor Pierce Brosnan.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Nature lovers fascinated by documentaries on the big screen should see this.  If you appreciated “Earth” then you should also check out “Oceans.”