When I read the results of the Oscars, I was not terribly surprised by any of the winners.  I felt that a lot of the films and actors that were played up very politically in the entertainment industry were the ones that walked away with the coveted statues. 

While I have seen many of the various movies that were up for awards there are several I’m ashamed I still haven’t seen like “Precious,” “Crazy Heart,” and “The Hurt Locker.”  Of the three “The Hurt Locker” remains at the top of my list, just because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

This week I did not hit the movies, but I did see two new trailers I was particularly excited about, namely “Tron Legacy” and “Iron Man 2.”  It was great to see some actual footage from the sequel to the 80s classic “Tron.”  This sequel is actually one I’m in full support of because I believe with the technology available today, the industry can really build upon the groundbreaking special effects of the previous film, to create something visually captivating. 

More exposure to “Iron Man 2” is also exciting for me because I’ve been anxiously anticipating the follow up to the 2008 picture.  I found the first film quite entertaining and Robert Downey Jr. perfect as Tony Stark.     

Opening in theaters this week are the romantic action comedy “The Bounty Hunter,” the middle school comedy “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” the rock n roll biopic “The Runaways,” the sci-fi thriller “Repo Men,” the mystery “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and the outer space excursion “IMAX: Hubble 3-D.” 


Bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) gets his dream assignment: to hunt down his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston), a reporter working on a murder cover-up.  Soon after he captures her though, the estranged couple finds themselves running for their lives from a group of New Jersey gangsters.

Romantic comedy director Andy Tenant follows up his 2008 effort in the same genre “Fool’s Gold,” with this similar story of estranged lovers penned by Sarah Thorp.


WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Moviegoers searching for an unconventional romantic comedy with action and slapstick humor should check this one out.  If you think the combination of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston as a couple could be a winning one, then you should see “The Bounty Hunter.”    


Nerdy seventh grader Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) summarizes the events and the adventures of his daily life in the journal his mother forces him to keep.

Thor Freudenthal, the man behind 2009’s “Hotel for Dogs” directs this comedy set in middle school.  A group of television writers team up to write the screenplay for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” including Jackie Filgo, Jeff Filgo, Jeff Judah, and Gabe Sachs.       


WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Viewers looking for a family-friendly comedy with a little rude humor should see this film.  If you commiserate with the horrors of middle school when you aren’t one of the cool kids, then you will probably identify with Greg Heffley. 


Based on a true story, this film follows the rise of the trailblazing Los Angeles band The Runaways formed in 1975 by teenagers Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning). 

A documentarian of the music industry, Floria Sigismondi, helms and writes the screenplay for this drama inspired by real events.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT:  Supporters of the real life female rock band of which this movie derives its title, will be most interested in seeing this film, to compare how it stacks up against the real life endeavors of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.  If you like musical stories about the rise of rock n roll bands then “The Runaways” is for you. 


Artificial organs are readily available for purchase in this grim future, where Remy and Jake (Jude Law and Forest Whitaker) make their living repossessing organs from those who fail to make payments.  After Remy finds himself outfitted with a new heart, he is forced into hiding when he falls on hard financial times. 

Michael Sapochnik makes his big screen directing debut with this sci-fi action thriller.  Television writer Garrett Lerner teams up with Eric Garcia to create the screenplay for the film, which is based on Garcia’s novel The Repossession Mambo.  

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Audiences that appreciate dystopian futures, where lone heroes fight for the freedom of mankind against a tyrannical system, are the kind this film is made for.  If you like sci-fi action films like “I Robot” and “Minority Report” then this film is probably up your alley. 


A computer hacker (Noomi Rapace) and a journalist (Michael Nyqvist) are hired to investigate the disappearance of Harriet Vanger (Ewa Fröling).  Their search connects the vanishing girl to a series of murders decades old, revealing the Vanger family’s dark and guarded history.

Danish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev directs this mysterious crime thriller.  Nikolaj Arcel and Rasmus Heisterberg pen the screenplay for the film, which is based on a novel by the late author Stieg Larsson.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Fans of the novel by Stieg Larsson will probably be the first ones in line to see this movie.  If you watch gripping crime thrillers then you should check out “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” 


In this documentary, an IMAX 3-D camera chronicles the mission of seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Experienced space documentarian Toni Myers writes and directs this epic IMAX visual display, while Leonardo DiCaprio serves as its narrator.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Discovery Channel junkies and people fascinated with space exploration are the ones who should see this 3-D adventure.  If you find yourself interested in NASA’s work and you appreciate educational documentaries then you should see this film.