Last week I caught Steve Buscemi's dark comedy "St. John of Las Vegas" which was slightly disappointing. While the right brand of humor was there; twisted laughs and awkward moments that inspire chuckles

, I felt that the film did not have much to say.

The overarching story seemed to be building up to some kind of life altering self-realization or dramatic event taking place in Las Vegas for Buscemi's character John Alighieri. This moment never really came, and as a result the entire film seemed very anti-climactic.

Buscemi and Romany Malco make a hilarious team, as Malco's character, a reluctant mentor, shows Buscemi the ropes in the fraud detection game. Sarah Silverman is also fantastic, as the kooky smiley-face obsessed girl of Buscemi's dreams. It is the comedic presence of the characters in this film that boosts its rating in my book. My grade: B-

The week of President's Day delivers a small selection of new movies including Martin Scorsese's latest collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio "Shutter Island" and the famous fugitive Roman Polanski's thriller "The Ghost Writer."


After a psychotic murderer (Emily Mortimer) vanishes from the mental institution on Shutter Island, two U.S. Marshalls (Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo) are pit in a race against time to find her.

Leonardo DiCaprio teams up yet again with Martin Scorsese, who helms this mysterious thriller. Scribe Laeta Kalogridis, the woman behind 2007's "Pathfinder," adapts Dennis Lehane's novel Shutter Island for the screen.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Fans of the Scorsese/DiCaprio combination over the past couple of years will be delighted to see them working together again on this thriller. If you're a follower of author Dennis Lehane and the big screen adaptations of his novels Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River, then you will probably enjoy "Shutter Island."


A ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) assigned to finish the memoirs of a former British prime minister (Pierce Brosnan) discovers secrets that place his own life in serious peril.

Academy Award winning filmmaker Roman Polanski directs this fast-paced thriller. Polanski pens the screenplay with the assistance of Robert Harris, who adapted the story from his book The Ghost.

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Viewers looking for a politically themed mystery with danger and intrigue should see "The Ghost Writer." If you do not agree with Roman Polanski's personal life, but you still appreciate his films, then you should give this thriller a chance.

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