Former child star Tracey Gold is to share her experiences with anorexia as the host of a new reality show about eating disorders.

The actress, who battled the illness while starring in hit sitcom Growing Pains, will be seen working with patients undergoing intensive treatment for anorexia or bulimia as part of TV series Starving Secrets.

Gold admits shooting the show was an emotional rollercoaster, but she hopes it will give audiences an insight into the participants' fear of gaining weight.

She tells The Daily Beast, "It's not an easy show to watch, but it's riveting and it really lets you know what it's like. When we first started, every story tore me apart. I had such a close relationship to the subjects. As we got further along, I was able to get some distance."

Gold now considers herself to be recovered and wants to show others that it is possible to beat an eating disorder.

She adds, "I have a regular relationship with food. I'm also a woman in Los Angeles. Do you watch what you eat? Of course. I'm reasonable and moderate about it. Do I have pizza on Friday night? Yes. I have no fear of foods. I have no restrictions. It's all fine... I know that I'll never go back there. It's taken me too long to get here."

Starving Secrets will begin on TV network Lifetime on December 2nd.