Movie sequel "Toy Story 3" has smashed yet another box office record - the film has become the first ever animated movie to make $1 billion.
The third installment in the hit franchise overtook "Shrek 2" to become the world's most successful cartoon film this month, and now the Disney-Pixar adventure has reached another milestone by passing the billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office.
The film, which features the voice of Tom Hanks, is the second Disney picture to reach the total this year, following Alice in Wonderland's massive takings.
Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross admits he is delighted: "It's been an incredible year as we saw the Pixar team bring Buzz and Woody back to the big screen and watched Tim Burton's vision for Alice in Wonderland take the world by storm. These box office triumphs prove that creative storytelling brought to life by imaginative, inspired and talented professionals is something audiences respond to the world over."

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