When last we left our heroes at "Torchwood" the team had survived an attack by one giant ass alien from the rift. Everyone hugged and kissed and was happy, and then Captain Jack Harkness heard a familiar noise and disappeared from Torchwood headquarters.

What's going on now?

Gwen took on the role of the team leader and seems to be doing well with teammates Ianto, Toshiko, and Owen. They end up in a relatively polite car chase with a fish-headed alien that ends with a hostage situation and the return of Jack.

Wait, didn't I see Spike in the previews?

That's right, Buffy/Angel alum James Marsters guest starred as rogue Time Agent Captain John Hart.

Time Agent?

If you missed out on Jack Harkness' first appearances on Doctor Who you might not know that he was in fact a time agent from the future, basically using time travel to pull massive heists. Apparently Hart and Harkness had been quite a team in the past (future?), which leads to many a tussle and snog-session between the two.

So what does Captain Hart want?

Aside from some quality time with Jack, Hart is searching for a diamond that belonged to his late girlfriend that will make him one wealthy time traveler. He uses Torchwood to locate the pieces of a key that will point to the location of the diamond. Oh, he also tries to kill the entire team.

Who gets to keep the diamond?

Apparently there was no diamond and is instead a trap set up to kill Hart. He had one pissed off ex!

How does it end?

Torchwood begrudgingly saves Hart, who lets jack in on an interesting piece of news. He found Grey.

Who's Grey?

I have no idea.

Here's what I liked:

-The show has lightened up and has become far more entertaining the entire way through

-All the scenes between Jack and John, I've never heard so many double entendres!

-"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"

-Paralyzing lip gloss

-Ianto saving the team and confronting Jack

-Torchwood actually working as a semi-functional team

-Cliffhanger ending

And what I didn't like:

-With so many one liners, a few fell flat on their face

-Nobody could figure out why they were helping Hart, audience included

-Jack and Gwen shouldn't even attempt to be a couple


The show seems to have gone through the growing pains associated with most spin-offs. Season one had the show trying so hard not to be like "Doctor Who," sacrificing real humor for sex and violence, and many viewers were left confused about the tone and style. The entire time I was watching I was reminded of how the second season of "Angel" really established the show as a separate entity from "Buffy" while still retaining the same wit and wild stories the former series was known for.

If the season premiere is any indication, "Torchwood" has gained a sense of humor and in doing so has really created a must-watch sci-fi series. The ending hopefully set the stage for a nice overarching mystery, and it's good to see the writers bringing up Jack's past. Oh, and if you're dying to know where Jack disappeared to at the end of last season, start watching the third season of "Doctor Who" (which airs right before "Torchwood"). You won't be disappointed.

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer