Where we left our heroes:
Owen had been shot and pronounced dead by guest Torchwood member Martha Jones. Everyone is sad and stuff, forgetting that they live in the land of sci-fi.

So what happens next?
Jack and this creepy little girl have a meeting, during which I realize I could write a book comparing Torchwood to Angel, then I conclude I don't have the time and keep watching. The creepy little girl with the Tarot fetish sends Jack to church, which houses what can only be described as a Weevil slumber party. It is here that Jack finds what he has been searching for, a second resurrection glove. Need I point out that Cardiff seems to have every alien artifact within city limits. I can't even get a decent burger without going three towns over.

Jack returns to the team and plans to use the glove to bring Owen back, apparently to ask him a locker combination. When I die I want to be brought back to tell someone where I took their dry cleaning, I have lofty goals of being a personal assistant. Owen is resurrected for a spell, in which Tosh takes the opportunity to tell him she loves him. Everyone gets weepy eyed again, and Owen dies, again. Oh yeah, slight problem, Owen is dead, but he sure isn't shutting up. Oh I get it, the title, dead man walking!

So Owen is dead and kicking, which sends the team into overdrive trying to figure out what happened. He isn't linked to Jack, like back when Suzie was trying to sap Gwen's energy. Nope, it seems Owen is an anomaly, much like Jack. So much for Torchwood's whole motto of hiring young people because they die and need to be replaced quickly. All is of course not well as Owen is getting into the habit of flipping out and switching between our world and a dark creepy place. When this happens he also tends to speak in a dead language, yep being a zombie sure seems like a grand old time.

Owen ditches out on the headquarters and goes to get drunk and laid. I know if I was an intelligent zombie the first thing I'd do was head out for a night on the town. Who am I kidding, I'd be sitting at home playing video games. Owen learns he can't get drunk or...you know...in the mood, which pretty much kills the point of being alive. Jack catches up to him, they have a nice fight in the bar, not like with Captain John, that was foreplay not a brawl, and both get arrested. This leads to a hilarious scene where Owen gets rid of all the liquor his body can't digest. Think The Exorcist, only upside down. Jack and Owen then take some time to bond which honestly I really liked, the relationship between them rings truer than all the sex and love the show is known for.

Back to the plot. Owen seems to be changing, and not in the puberty way. His body is transforming into a host for Death. This explains the crazy language! See if Death takes 13 souls it can be free to rule over the world. I thought Death took that many souls every minute, but hey who am I to nitpick? Owen suggests the only way to stop Death is to embalm him, effectively killing him permanently. Death thinks this is a bad idea, has the glove try to kill everyone, makes Martha really old for some reason, and then escapes from its host body. Death bolts for the hospital leaving Owen still alive, and the team with a mission.

The hospital is an all you can eat buffet, and it is up to Owen to face up to the creature he feels responsible for bringing into the world. In the ensuing fight, Owen absorbs deaths energy into himself, freeing Martha from being an old woman, and making everyone happy again. The episode ends with Martha explaining to Owen that the energy he sapped from Death may keep him alive for 30 years or 30 minutes. Owen hopes to continue his work with Torchwood. You think that'll work out well?

Next Week on Torchwood
Owen adjusts to his new un-life

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer