Every year Torchwood brings Tommy, a British solider, out of cryogenic sleep. Apparently he's supposed to save the world. For the past 90 years he has not been needed. All that is about to change.

Ahh...stories about time paradoxes, if you think too hard about them your brain is likely to turn to oatmeal and force its way out of your ears. So let me try to explain it. The rift in Cardiff is pushing together two different time periods, 1918 and 2008. Since two times cannot exist at the same time all hell will break loose. The only way to close the time rift is to have Tommy, a soldier from 1918, be frozen until he can cross back over and close the rift from the other side. Just go with it. The story isn't about saving the world, not really.

The real meat of the story is Toshiko's relationship with Tommy. Tosh was there for his past four wakeup calls. This means, in Tommy's eyes, they've seen each other for four consecutive days. In reality, where Tosh lives, they've been together four days, each day separate by an entire year. So now we're looking at whether or not Tosh can wait around for a man she can only see once in a very long time and know full well that one of the days will be his last.

Still, the two love birds get to spend an entire day together not catching aliens or the myriad of "social diseases" one is likely to get from the oversexed Torchwood crew. This all changes when Toshiko learns that this particular day is the day Tommy has to save the world. They do make the most of it, and in the end it is Toshiko who helps Tommy say goodbye and do what he was meant to do. Again, it was not an action-oriented episode or even much of a mystery story, just a good old-fashioned relationship tale with a sci-fi backdrop.

What I Liked:

-Toshiko got to stand out, so often she blends into the background

-The humor was still there, such as Gwen's futile attempt to open a sealed box.

-Ianto and Jack's mini B-Story where Ianto questions if Jack would want to return to his own time.

-Tommy's reaction to the war going on today

-1918's Torchwood team

What I didn't like:

-Time travel I can handle, time paradox fixing paradoxes on the other hand...

-Going off of above, someone is welcome to correct me, but hasn't Gwen been at Torchwood well over a year, especially if you take into account series 3 of Doctor Who? So she should have known about Tommy

Next week on "Torchwood":

Rhys learns how Gwen is paying the bills.

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer