On the latest episode of "Torchwood," Gwen's fiance Rhys is on his way to work when he learns that one of his trucks was in an accident. Apparently he manages a trucking company, not that we ever learned that before this episode. Anyway, he visits the accident and sees the body of his friend, the driver, along with a lot of meat. Rhys wants to get closer, but the cops inform him that Torchwood is on their way to investigate and he would have to wait in his car.

At this point I started wondering how secret of an organization Torchwood really is. Everyone seems to know about them, but they don't know Torchwood is catching aliens and such. Then again, a few episodes ago we see a woman witness a fish-faced alien and Torchwood without so much as blinking. Hmm...perhaps they should get a shovel to fill that little plot hole.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so Torchwood shows up and who does Rhys see get out of the van? Gwen, looking really attractive in slow-motion. Gwen knows the truck is one of Rhys' and Tosh makes a call to Rhys, who knows it's Torchwood calling him but doesn't let on. Torchwood thinks Rhys may be involved in some shady dealing when Owen discovers the meat the truck was carrying didn't exactly come from earth. Gwen goes home to check on Rhys, and Jack tells her to pump him for information. Gwen, of course, gets pissed at this idea.

So Gwen talks to Rhys about his friend and then says she has to get back to work. Rhys turns into Penny from Inspector Gadget and follows Gwen once she leaves their apartment. He sees her meet Jack outside of Torchwood and gets the idea they might have more than a professional relationship going on when Jack and Gwen link arms and all but skip down the street. They all end up at a warehouse where Rhys gets caught by the bad guys. But he convinces them that he is also a bad guy and wants to take part of their evil plot. Jack and Gwen, of course, see this and think he actually is a bad guy, and the audience is left wondering if they're watching an episode of Three's Company. At least we find out the meat is coming from a regenerating, whale-sized alien that is being held in the warehouse.

Once at home we thankfully don't have to sit through more dramatic irony-laden dialogue before stuff hits the fan. Rhys accuses Gwen of lying, Gwen accuses Rhys of lying, there is a lot of censored cursing, and Gwen finally decides to take Rhys to see Torchwood.

Rhys meets everyone, fights with Jack, then reveals he can get them all in the warehouse to save the alien. He drives a truck to the warehouse with Torchwood inside and proceeds to get himself caught along with Ianto. Gwen and Jack see the huge alien creature who reminds the audience that sometimes CGI effects really don't work well on a small budget. Meanwhile, Owen is in the warehouse trying to concoct a sedative for the alien, which might work until the rest of the team gets caught. One of the not-so-bad guys reveals there is no way to sedate the alien anymore, and Owen has to find a merciful way to end its life. He does, and there is a fight between Torchwood and the bad guys. Rhys gets shot, Ianto tasers someone in the head, and Owen is able to put the alien to sleep. Everyone, of course, is depressed and Tosh takes the opportunity to hug Owen. Apparently she's over Tommy from the last episode.

Back at Torchwood, Jack tells Gwen to give a retcon pill to Rhys. Gwen, of course, tells Jack to shove it, and everyone lives happily ever after, aside from a huge increase of sexual tension between Gwen and Jack.

Best Moments

-Eve Myles (Gwen) reveals how strong of an actress she is with all of her scenes this episode

-Wall to wall relationship drama!

-Jack commenting on the homoeroticism of his fight with Rhys

-Owen's pizza

Not Their Best Work

-The CGI alien

-Story arc? Who needs a story arc?

-Torchwood's status as a secret organization that everyone knows about

Next Week

Memories go all crazy and Ianto thinks he's a serial killer!

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer